The beginning of my Aura-Soma journey …

I became curious about energy back in 2009, and as it happens, was introduced to the Aura-Soma bottles and products by Shirleyrose Rowe soon after. I attended a consultation at a Level 1 training weekend which ‘Shirl’ was teaching and from there Aura-Soma has been ever present.

shirleyrose and i

I went on to study Level 1 Aura-Soma and completed Level 2 the following year. I then journeyed to Cairns to engross myself in the learning’s of Level 3 and PPS with Vicki Engeham, and 13 other beautiful soul sisters. I knew Aura-Soma would be a part of my life forever but wasn’t sure how exactly to share it with the world. The consultations seemed too daunting and investing in the entire set of bottles was too expensive at the time. And so, I settled for the Chakra Set and my job in fashion and dreamed of creating a life I really wanted to live.

I immersed myself into my Yoga practice and completed my Yoga teacher training in July 2014. Whilst being mentored by my senior Yoga teacher, Emma Palmer and the ever wise and loving Shirleyrose, I came up with the concept of combining my love for Aura-Soma and my passion for Yoga in a three-hour workshop. I felt I had genuinely connected with a way to best share my knowledge of colour in an environment I was comfortable in.

I stuck my head in my books again, got in touch with my creative centre and put together a Yoga sequence that connected with each Chakra, and weaved in the cleansing of our electromagnetic field using related Pomanders. I chose a name for my workshop and business using the traditional language, Sanskrit, and Varnah Yoga (meaning colour) was born.


On 7th March 2015, I was so excited to be sharing this journey (and my first Yoga workshop) with four loving souls from very different paths. Firstly, I introduced them to the Chakra set and Pomanders we would be connecting with, which they’d never seen before and then shared Vicky’s story and how the bottles came into being, and where they are still made to this day.


We began the workshop by connecting with our three stars, using the Pink Pomander to unite our group intention and energies. We then rested a little in meditation, surrounding ourselves with a blue globe. I took them through the Chakra system, revealing the aspect that each colour holds, to help unlock traits and lead them to a greater understanding of themselves.

We worked with Yogasana (Yoga poses) to shift and clear the energy, using strong and grounding poses to build Agni (digestive-fire), to burn away anything that is no longer needed/or no longer serves our highest good. Before working on each Chakra we used a relating Pomander to assist in transmuting challenges of personality into clear consciousness of being, to filter out negative energies and allow positive energies in. This was extremely important as an intense Yoga practice can often bring up a lot of mental and emotional challenges.

Time passed so quickly and we only had one hour left but I wanted to ensure they experienced the patting, polishing and combing of their energy field. Each person connected with a bottle in the Chakra Set and used the connected Pomander with their partner. This is what was so unique to any other Yoga workshop.

We finished by settling into a peaceful Savasana (relaxation) to allow the body to absorb all the benefits of our practice. The feedback was brilliant.

One student said, “Peaceful, powerful, confronting, beautiful and connected. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the way that this was put together. The set up was lovely. 

The aura cleansing was just gorgeous and very powerful. I could feel it quite strongly as a receiver and giver. – Larissa

Another expressed, “I just wanted to thank you so, so much for an amazing experience at your Aura-Soma workshop yesterday! I was feeling very emotional prior to your workshop (a very personal conflict). Something shifted after the workshop and I feel a calming sense of peace and resolution. Time passed so quickly – 3hrs felt like 30 mins! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Namaste – Vicki

None of these students had previously connected with Aura-Soma and I felt their experience confirmed exactly what both Aura-Soma and Yoga can heal. The best result is that these students now have an awareness of the healing power of Aura-Soma. One has since mentioned that her friend saw these ‘coloured bottles’ at the Seven Sisters Festival in Mount Martha, Victoria.


Since the workshop I have left my full-time role to pursue Yoga teaching and continue to share the message of Aura-Soma with the community. My intention is to take this workshop all over the globe and with Yoga now so widely practiced, a great avenue has been opened to educate people about the amazing journey Aura-Soma can take you on.

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  1. What a beautiful share. So empowered and so embodied with this work. I love you Ez. You are a wonderful healer in our world, keep shining so bright. You’re an inspiration xxx

  2. Beautiful Erin. Thank you for sharing and very inspiring. Well done for following your passion and intuition. Sound a like amazing work. X Jayma

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