It’s all lies

I have to confess… I had a few too many wines on Saturday night which resulted in me leaving a workshop early on Sunday! Very unlike me (or is it?)

I woke up on Sunday, as you can imagine, foggy headed and pleading for more sleep. But I dragged myself out of bed and got to this workshop. Not just any workshop mind you… it was to hear Caroline Myss – a medical intuitive and energetic master of her time. I read her book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ back in 2013 and really connected with how our thoughts, feelings and emotions can have an effect on our health.

As I sat there on Sunday morning waiting for Caroline to come out and grace us with her presence, many things were going through my head. Story’s, Illusions (mostly about myself) and put quite clearly by Caroline Myss – all lies.

It wasn’t long after Caroline came on stage that she gave us a large mouthful of hard truths. “A spiritual ass kicking” as Erin Kyna puts it so well. I had a good look at myself and left after only two hours! I wanted to go for some food and spend the day on the couch with my love. (At least I was honest about it!)

But in two hours that I sat there I felt I received all that I needed, right now.

Since Sunday I have observed a lot of what goes on up there in the world of my mind. The tiniest of things that will pass by “Does that person REALLY love their job? … I bet they don’t”. I mean, who am I to think that? Is that REALLY the truth? It’s a lie. I made it up. I don’t even know them! And all the while these little thoughts and lies make me more comfortable in telling the bigger lies “I don’t want to get up today”. Really? Why?  I don’t know, I want to sleep in.  No, it’s because you’ve built expectations and limitations through these little lies for so long.

There comes a time when this has to stop. And not when your body has fallen in a heap … It has to be now.

Caroline says that “Everything does not happen for a reason.” That guy hit the other car because he wasn’t looking!! (Crack up! I love it!). It’s true though, right? We must not become spiritual fluffs, why is that guy not looking? Probably because he’s telling himself a story that he’ll be fired if he doesn’t get to work on time. Right?! (Maybe.)

But at the same time, Caroline says, that each and every one of us has an effect on the whole world. Everything that is happening in our world right now is because of all of us. And that really hit true for me. What do you think of your neighbour? Do you even know them? How do you speak to the bus driver or the lady on the train? What are you consuming and throwing away?

I thought “Start small. Otherwise we’ll overwhelm ourselves.” We must become aware, first, by getting real with ourselves.

A few tips to help get us there:

  1. Take a big breath in, and a sigh it out. It signals the body to relax. You’ve got this.
  2. Next time you notice your thought(s), ask yourself “Is it really true?”. Let it go.
  3. Write down or at least think clearly about three things that you are grateful for today. Create abundance.
  4. Make eye contact with everyone that you walk past, maybe even smile and say hello! Start connecting.
  5. Don’t take it personally! Caroline Myss says if someone is having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you had anything to do with it. Get out of your own way and don’t take it personally.

A little tribute to Carline Myss for keeping it real for others. Sometimes you need to hear the raw, hard-to-hear truth and wake up.

One thought on “It’s all lies

  1. Oh Erin – haven’t we all woken up with the regret only a hangover can bring! Carolyn Myss is legendary. It must have been fantastic. So pleased you heard what you needed to hear xx

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