Be the expert of your own heart

THE BEGGINING was August 2009, after a transforming retreat in Italy. This was my first experience of actually feeling my body. Every day we enjoyed energy and warmth from the morning sun, followed by a walking meditation. We played music and learnt how to massage ourselves, which instantly brought me to tears. What a simple way to bring pleasure and love to oneself. Many blockages that I had created in my body for the previous 24 years had started to dissolve (what felt like magically explode!). And since then I have been peeling back the layers of those sleeping years, healing damage to my energetic make up and creating new thought patterns that support a more positive existence. My 89 year old mentor always says “you’re blessed to have awoken at such a young age.”

THE TIME AFTER 2009 has been progressive and far from perfect. It’s almost like being born again. Learning new ways of being, you need to make mistakes before you can master something. Usually you get sick when you are letting go of blocked energy (if you imagine it looks like invisible black muck). At the same time you can easily fall back into old patterns from your sleepy life that you knew so monotonously.

I FOUND SUPPORT in many different forms. I read books like Choosing Happiness by Stephanie Dowrick, I studied and used Aura-Soma, I joined a meditation group, which lead to Abraham-Hicks ‘Getting into the Vortex’ mediations & Louise Hay affirmations. I found wonderful support practitioners like Ami of Healing Delight and Nicole my Kinesiologist.

In these years of progression I found that different relationships tested me, I was presented with many cross roads: new job, travel plans, moving house, etc. and there’s always one thing that I could truely rely on: the expertise of my own heart.


I am now aware of this guidance, even in the most simple of daily tasks, like my partner asking me to go down the street to run those errands but deciding, in that brief moment of silence, that it is not as important as cooking myself a hearty meal before teaching. The errands can wait.

HERE’S MY SUGGESTION to feel/hear/see your heart more clearly: Take a quick moment and look back 2, 5, even 10 years or more you’ll be amazed at what you’ve experienced and achieved.


Go on. Take a moment to look back …….


Now ask yourself ‘Did I survive those years?’ … Yes, clearly! ‘Did I do the best I could?’ … Maybe, maybe not but there’s still time. And ‘Who guided you in all of this?’ …. Yes, it was you!

Now take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. You’re mistakes were lessons not failures and your choices were guided by the expertise of your own heart (even if you didn’t know it at the time).

START TO LISTEN to yourself in silence more, rather than getting caught up in the noise of your thoughts. As you learn to filter through the noise you will acknowledge your expertise and guidance from your heart, everyday.

•speak less around people. Don’t feel the need to say something all the time.
•loose the story. No judgement on yourself, please.
•sit in silence for at least 2 minutes a day. Focus on taking 12 long deep breaths.


This may take time to build but there’s no rush. One day you’ll be very aware of a message from your heart and you’ll follow it with absolute conviction. When working in this way we loose all anxiety around our decisions.

Another way I support myself is by using a variety of Aura-Soma products. When we talk about the heart (or heart chakra) we connect with green, surrounded by pink. The Emerald Green Pomander is particularly good for everyday use and has a fresh, herbal, woodsy fragrance to help calm, centre and support your emotional body and protects your aura from any negativity.

You can use the Emerald Green Pomander to create space including, respecting space for oneself or another, or becoming more grounded when we are feeling “spaced-out”. Use it to connect to your “heart-truths”. It can also assist in finding your own way, coming to new decisions and directions at important crossroads.

I use the Emerald Green Pomander after I teach Yoga and client sessions as it cleanses the atmosphere around me. It would be the same after finishing your job, using the pomander like a ritual, to make space between work and home. I use this remarkable Aura-Soma system in every session which makes these experiences unique and especially healing.

I’m very passionate about the strength and unique wisdom that we have within and have created a series of events & workshops that will offer you the opportunity to tap into your own. If you’d like to find out more about my Chakra Cleanse Meditations and Reconnect with Spirit workshop check out this link: UPCOMING EVENTS

I encourage you to laugh at yourself more and never apologise for dancing to your own beat.

If you have any comments, questions or have any interest in using Aura-Soma products feel free to get in touch with me via email, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll leave you now with a story from the ancient Vedic texts.

Peace and Namaste, Erin xo

According to Hindu mythology, all people on earth were once gods. However they began to abuse their power so the supreme God, Brahma, decided he would take this gift away from them and hide the godhead in a place where they would never find it. One advisor suggested it be buried deep within the ground, but Brahma didn’t like that idea. ‘Mankind will one day dig deep enough to find it,’ he said. Another advisor suggested it be hidden in the deepest part of the ocean. ‘No,’ said Brahma, ‘one day mankind will dive deep enough to discover it.’ Yet another advisor suggested the godhead be placed on the highest peak of the highest mountain, but Brahma replied, ‘No, mankind will eventually find a way to climb to the top and take it.’ After silently thinking about it, the supreme God finally found the ideal resting place for that greatest of all gifts. Here’s the answer: ‘Let’s hide it within man himself. He will never think to look there.’

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