Facing your shadow

How was the full moon on Monday night!? So many people experienced powerful or dramatic moments around this time. The weblink that I shared on Facebook said that this full moon would shine light on all our shadows, so it was a confronting time for many.

The subject of ‘shadow’ has been coming up for me recently and I have come to a new way of looking at it. Especially as Yoga Teacher, we learn the philosophy of enlightenment or Samadhi, and you might have heard people signing off with “Love and Light”. Which is lovely. But what about our “Dark”. Universal law shows us that there is a positive (+) and a negative (-) to everything – what goes up must come down. There’s a light and dark, a Yin and Yang, a happy and sad, an up and down.

Look around at nature and you’ll see the layers of light and dark. One cannot exist without the other.

After my Yin training and the Orgasmic Hearts series I recently completed, I was required to be vulnerable and honest with myself, consistently and a lot! I had an emotional release/cry/outburst which at the time was a little scary because I was vulnerable and saying things I don’t say out loud. But the next day I felt so much lighter!

All I needed was a safe space and someone to listen (and not interrupt or even reply).

I could tell loved ones around me just wanted to take the pain away “I don’t know what to say”, “Stay strong” or “Don’t cry” and as they said it I felt disempowered. I felt like saying “I don’t want you to say anything”. And “I feel like crying”. And “I am strong that is why I am crying”. I believe these things are said by others because we have been conditioned to think that crying is bad or weak or that we don’t like to see others suffer. This needs to change. We need to learn how to sit in the fire of discomfort and listen to ourselves and one another. Really hear your soul/lover/best friend/child. Hold yourself back from offering opinion, advice or words of wisdom until you’re asked for it. Sometimes the person we are sitting across from just needs to vent. And you just need to sit there looking into their eyes.

Eye gazing and other exercises I did in my recent courses are great practices to strengthen our listening skills. Mindfulness and Meditation is also a great practice for listening.

My own home practice has it’s ups and downs, but I feel more committed than ever to a daily dose of Yin Yoga & Meditation. Even just one pose and 5 minutes of stillness. Even if I’m screaming to come out of a pose or Meditation. That is the practice. It’s not always blissful and zen. It’s not all “Love and Light”. I simply ask myself “what am I running away from?” “what am I avoiding?” and then stay in stillness until my timer goes off and I can come out of the pose! I see that I avoid my shadow and distract myself from listening to what needs to be heard, running towards pleasure. I too am learning to sit in the fire of discomfort and face the shadow.

The light bulb moment may not come at that moment in Meditation but the more I practice, I hear the subtle and small voice within.

Breathe and Flow image.png

After my recent experiences, I have been inspired and give birth to a new style of class that I am bringing to Elwood. This Breathe and Flow class is a time to open the body physically and accept ourselves fully in all that we experience emotionally and mentally.

I share with you Mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises to tone the lungs and Yin Yoga poses &/or gentle flowing movements to open the channels in our body.

Each week will focus on different areas of the body that bring balance to the different emotions we experience (e.g anxiety, grief, sadness), becoming aware of our Yin and Yang / Light and Shadow.

Expect to leave each week feeling more open, relaxed and aware of your unique voice.

Find out more details by clicking here…

I’ll leave you now with a story from Aura-Soma.net

The Legacy of Vicky Wall

During her nightly meditation in early 1983, Vicky Wall found herself enveloped in the most beautiful cascade of colour which receded and advanced like the ebb and flow of the tide, sighing softly as it went. Suddenly, the still small voice within that she had always obeyed instructed her to go and divide the waters, my child. She was mystified as to what that meant. Blindness had caused Vicky to retire from a lifetime of devoted care for others as a surgical chiropodist. After suffering from a major heart attack during which she had an encounter with an angelic presence, she was given borrowed time to complete what she had come to do. Almost 70 years old, clinically blind with only 40% of her heart function, she immersed herself in her spiritual practice, meditation and prayer to find out what was being asked of her.

In her meditation the following night, the colours came again more vividly than before and again the words divide the waters my child. Vicky responded, What waters? Still she did not know what to do. On the third night the colours came even more strongly. She felt compelled to go into her small laboratory, yielding to the unseen hands which guided hers to create she knew not what with a mixture of essential oils and waters from plants and herbs, the energies of crystals and gems, and water from the Glastonbury Chalice Well. When morning came, Margaret, her devoted companion and partner in their healing practice, questioned her about the beautiful liquids radiating in the sunlight, revealing two distinctly different layers of glittering colours through their clear bottles. What are they for?Margaret asked. I don’t know, replied Vicky. It is something I did in the night..

After breakfast, Vicky revisited the small room where the bottles had been born during the night. As she gazed into their brilliant colours, she felt a serenity and power emanating from them. Instantly she began to feel unusual sensations and a resonance happening within herself, as she described in her autobiography:

Suddenly, I felt energised, happy, the physical tiredness I had been feeling lifted, as if magically. The concept of balance came into my mind, as if it had been whispered – a state of balance that is beyond stasis and which is known as equilibrium. They could be known by no other name. Equilibrium was born and she was beautiful.

Self-Discovery Through Colour, by Vicky Wall.

Vicky’s life was about to take a turn towards an unexpected new beginning. In the coming months a whirlwind of attention began to gather around the bottles by all who encountered them and Vicky was inspired to create more and more colour variations each with its own distinct vibrations.

Mike Booth met Vicky Wall and Margaret Cockbain in 1984. At the time, Mike was involved in management training while he also pursued his work as an artist, potter and healer. Mike’s wife Claudia had invited Vicky and Margaret to give a workshop at their home. It was after this workshop that Vicky invited Mike to work with her. Answering a strong inner calling to accept her invitation Mike became her constant companion and confidante travelling and teaching with Vicky and Margaret as they took the radiant colours to the world. With her auric sight Vicky saw that people were irresistibly drawn to the vibrant Equilibrium colours that were present in their true aura. Vicky, Margaret. Mike and others began to chronicle the effects of the bottles upon people who used them building a solid body of researched knowledge as to why people chose certain bottles and the changes experienced in the individuals’ life dynamics before and after using the contents of individual bottles. This led to the understanding that Equilibrium was a mirror of the soul—an illuminator of a person’s true colours—and a catalyst for transformation, wholeness and balance.

As the Aura-Soma system continued to grow Vicky handed over to Mike the inspirational duties of birthing Equilibrium with bottle 44, entrusting him to carry on the creation of Aura-Soma substances and the unfoldment into the world of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System.

When Vicky passed in 1991 Mike assumed the stewardship of ASPL. Mike, Margaret, Claudia and a group of committed co-visionaries set about fulfilling Vicky’s mission to bring the transformative powers of colour to as many people in the world who would want it.

Vicky’s work and legacy have shown us that colour is a universal soul language with deeply individual meaning – offering keys to who we are, why we are here and what we need for our greater wellbeing and expression.

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