Twisted by Nature

I just arrived back from a 10 day holiday in Tasmania and it blew me away! It is a gorgeous place… very slow and surrounded by mountains and greenery. We stayed at secluded accommodation, some with a fire place (top of my holiday wish list) and one even had a spa bath! There were so many highlights for me but this one day, hiking in between the mountains of Wineglass Bay, stood out completely….

Wednesday 29th June 2016 “We stopped just before Seaford, at a lonely beach. I felt the ocean wind breathe freshness into my tired skin. I felt so tired, even after a long nights sleep. I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of the waves washing into shore. Their soothing and un-ryhthmic pace forced me to let go of guessing when the next one would rock in to shore. There were so many sea shells just piled up and their shapes amazed me. How do they get those grooves on their back?

We arrived at our cosy love shack and saw the Mountains from the driveway, standing tall over Coles Bay. I thought ‘we wouldn’t be climbing those’. We set off to Freycinet National Park and got to the foot of Mount Mayson, to start the ascending walk to Wineglass Bay lookout. We were greeted by a laid-back cheeky wallaby. As we continued our climb, I was in awe of how put together this mountain was. How all the massive boulders and rock made up this mountain. How each one had it’s place and fit just on top or next to the other. How each grove and crack were an avenue for prana to run through it. The rain from the night before dripped or trickled down and it oozed with life force. I felt the urge to touch the rocks, the rain drops, the trees. I noticed how my fatigue had disappeared. I felt alive and my skin glowed.

Up the rocky path, we made it to the look out point of Wineglass Bay – a beautiful sight. I appreciated the National Park, I became mindful of where I took my next step and what rubbish I had to take with me, everything that I don’t even think about when I’m at home.

I noticed ‘I have just climbed that Mountain! And I’m about to walk all the way around it.’ In the midst of the mountain there is just silence, only the sound of the wind when it takes a breath and maybe a bird. I would close my eyes every now and then just to be there with all of this. Like I wanted to be absorbed into the trees, the air, the fresh water, the sea water.

We walked along the bay, through swamp land, along the beach, through bush, through rock pathways and tracks. This mountain showed us everything.

Four hours in total I knew this walk would take, and my ego had a great ol time during parts of it. Moments of little panics “will we make it back before sun down” “what if…”. And I would also experience parts where I forgot about time, and was enjoying myself like a kid would. Absorbed in the wonder and power of nature.

I saw trees and branches growing in different ways and wondered “How are we shaped by Nature?” “Do we allow ourselves to be shaped by Nature?”. I thought about the ancient story of the cucumbers being cut from the vine leaves so new growth could occur. How our mind works in the same way – our neural pathways are shaped like roots of a giant tree, the old ones die off as the stronger roots find nutrients and water. How energy can be put in to growing the positive thought pathways and over time, the older, no-longer-relevant pathways eventually die off. Letting go of the old and embracing the new. Like seasons.


Today I noticed how nature teaches us all about life and cycles, if we just take a moment to stop and look. I appreciate Father Sun and Mother Earth for all they provide.

This walk didn’t leave me with answers or punch lines, but I do feel a sense of wonder and inspiration running through my veins. Isn’t that enough?”

Erin is taking a small group away on retreat in Torquay on 7-9 October 2016. For more details visit: A Colourful Weekend Away

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