Planting karmic seeds

In my teenage years I would make stupid choices and then ask for someone to help me out of it (usually it would always be my big sisters. Thank God for them!). I was living so unconsciously for many years doing this over and over again.

Today, I shared with everyone in a Yoga class that they are the creators of their own world. Everything they have and is happening is because they chose it. The choices that were made in the past have now manifested into what is right now.

Only moments after speaking these words I was walking home in the pouring rain, annoyed and playing the victim. Why couldn’t he just pick me up, why didn’t I just get an uber, etc, etc. But then the words I had shared just moments before permeated through me. I knew in that moment, I could change my attitude. I could be angry and wet or I could dance in the rain!

The ego has a tight hold of our actions at that point. It luurrrves drama. So being angry, pissed off, stubborn is the ego’s playground! But what can we do in that instant that will change the energy of the moment?

Firstly, a smile can change everything. Laugh at the game it’s trying to play with you. You see, it’s a battle of the mind (The ancient Yogic text: Bhagavad Gita will teach you all about it). Your ego will try to pull you deeper into the drama but your ‘Self’ couldn’t care for it.

Meditation will teach you how to create space between the thought you are having and your true ‘Self’. It’s a practice, and Meditation can be challenging but very rewarding. When you come up against a challenge and you respond to it very differently than you normally would – this is when you know it’s working.

So when you are presented with something uncomfortable take it as an opportunity for conscious change. Spend a moment observing how you would normally react and decide if there is a more peaceful way to respond.

When it is a battle of your mind and heart, you must practice the art of deep listening/ Meditation. Cure your suffering and plant seeds (actions) that will grow into a fruitful and loving environment (karma).

Energy follows thought. So what are you thinking? Thoughts become your seeds, so plant wisely as it all comes back around.


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