The joy in rising early

Last month I recognised I needed to improve my diet and I began to chat to my friends about “How to deepen my devotion in Meditation?”.

The Universe got behind me 100%. As I listened and went with the flow I picked up “The Perfect Day Plan” by Jost Sauer. He talks about how to honour the time of the day that align with your organs. Every two hours the Universal energy moves to another organ in your body. In the AM we are in Yang time, and PM we are in YIN time.

One big take away that I implemented straight away was getting up as close to 5am as possible. Right now, I’m at 6am and will soon be ready to take that to 5.30am and then eventually 5am.

This has changed my life. Really. I used to be the worst morning person. I got angry when the light was turned on, when there was noise in the kitchen, when I was disturbed from sleep. I would easily sleep in until 9am or later and find it really hard to get up, even feel foggy headed. Now I understand why. I was getting up in the time when my body naturally wanted to GO GO GO (this is Spleen time between 9-11am) but because I was only waking up, I was still so slow and fighting against my natural body clock.

Now that I’m getting up in ‘letting go and start fresh’ time (Large Intestine time between 5-7am), I have time to cook myself a warm hearty breakfast that stokes my fire and gives me the energy to move through to lunch (no morning tea & biscuits for me!). It gives me more time to move slowly (Meditate!) and feel happy about throwing on a cuddly jumper and have a cuppa with my man before work. Even on my day off I’m still getting up early!

My whole mindset has changed and when you read the book, Sauer shares with you knowledge that makes you want to do this for your body — this sacred temple that you live in — and there’s only one shot — no 9 lives in this human body.

I even have time to read in the morning. There is literally nothing that I’m missing out on doing, nothing that I’m giving up to make this change. In fact I’m only gaining. And when I’m tired by 9pm-ish, I go to bed. People would often tell Sauer that they don’t want to get up early because they love their sleep. He says “If this is the case, go to bed earlier…”!

I naturally feel more devoted in showing up for myself. Showing up for Meditation every morning and offering myself the best start to my day. I literally feel so grateful every day that I have an opportunity to get MORE shit done AND even relax and unwind in the right times.

I feel more organised and more committed in being kind to myself. I feel stronger in saying “No” (with Love) when it will deplete my energy and take away from putting it into the things I absolutely love.

Over the last 7 years, my Meditation practice has enabled me to listen more carefully to the subtle communication that my body makes (the quiet voice within). When I’m feeling the push for change or when anger rises up, I know there is something out of alignment that needs my attention. Then I keep listening and I stay relaxed but alert, ready to acknowledge where the flow takes me.

“You don’t need to practice daily but when the shit hits the fan, you wish you had.”

I’m allowed to be imperfect and I know I’m not for everyone. So I no longer try to be. Instead I devote myself to the energy that moves through me, knowing that it is far beyond my lower mind function and so I trust. Trust more fully in what moves through all of us.

You too can experience more of this in my upcoming Colour + Meditation Course beginning in May. In the previous course I’ve run, those who attended have shared that it has not only changed the way they look at their world but changed their relationship with their family and community.

This course is something that will:
>Deepen your morning practice/ ritual.
>Expand your knowledge around your emotions and how to feel more empowered in feeling them.
>Cleanse the negative bullsh*t you tell yourself.

For more details click here.

Namaste beautiful people x e

2 thoughts on “The joy in rising early

  1. Great post! I’ll look into your workshops. I am interested in starting on Meditation, but it’s difficult to find the right place for those first steps.

    1. Having a teacher can be a great start and a way to hold your attention and build your discipline. I also recommend the app ‘Calm’ with Tamara Levitt – they’ve built a great selection of Meditations.

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