Compass: What direction are you moving in?

I’m a feeler. Some people use their instincts and some their logic.

I feel.

Over time I’ve navigated what it felt like to trust myself. I’ve always wanted to work it out myself, which means lots of ‘mistakes’ ‘failings’ ‘yuk feelings’. It only taught me what way not to head, it didn’t mean I had failed as a person. These times meant I got used to the feeling of not being in a job that I enjoyed, in a relationship that was mediocre, even in the simple things I would do daily, like overeat!

Being highly critical of myself I would mentally punish myself for being in the ‘wrong’ place or ‘wrong’ job or doing the ‘wrong’ thing, when actually I was strengthening my compass. What way I wanted to head (and it wasn’t that way!).

I can look back now and see that through experience (and growing older) is such a blessing. It feels easier now, that’s for sure.

My move to Byron Bay is confirming everything that I’ve been asking for in my life: Balance. Self love. Truth.

Experiences still challenge me, and I have definitely been challenged in this process of leaving my family, friends and community. But I refer to my compass and check in with where I want to head, and I ask myself “Is this choice taking me there?”


“You are a bright star! Trust in the wisdom within and you will feel a wonderful support and confirmation of your soul. It moves through you and you can only be your Self.” -Erin Docherty

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