It’s simple really (and a little crazy)

Are you ready to let go of the way you currently think?

Society encourages you to stay ‘normal’ to be apart of a confined way of living. To push, to want more, to be stressed, there’s no way out, there’s no way you can change, fear your neighbour, reject your friends, be jealous of your lover, this is all you have.

When you’re ready to let go, you may first think you’re a little crazy. Remember you used to look at those free, loving hippies and think they were crazy too. So it’s ‘normal’ to think you’re a little crazy when you first break free from the way you used to think. Break free from the pointed finger.

Deep Ocean

But only those who are truely free, truely self accepting, truely alive will see things that haven’t been seen before. So you, of course seem a little ‘crazy’. But all it is, is you – innovator – creator – accessing a royal blue ocean of deep deep conscious connection to infinite possibility.

It’s simple really. It’s truth. Not for me, not for anyone else. But for you. Your truth. Your way.


– Erin Docherty teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Colour Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @colourmyspirit / on Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga / via her website http://www.colourmyspirit.com.au

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