I’m gunna stop bullshitting the Universe

Many people assume my life in Byron Bay is fully lush. And I won’t lie, it’s bloody amazing! Yes, the sun shines A LOT and I’m at the beach almost every day, there’s great cafes, and amazing areas to visit. There are so many things to love about being here (but you know that already!).

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and beaches. I’ve been taking some time to heal after an end to a 6 year relationship, I’ve been working out where I fit-in in a new community, and have been searching for financial stability since arriving. My ego has been tested, my vulnerability, my relationship to my worth and money have all been … seasoned, you could say! But what has strengthened the most in all of this, is my belief in the Universe. I moved up here because I knew Melbourne was not the place for me anymore. As Elizabeth Gilbert says ‘My Body, my Heart, my Soul were saying “Not This”‘ and so I moved to Byron Bay. I had no idea what was waiting for me here, other than my beautiful friends (Lucy + Tom Tom) and the sanctuary in The Pocket, I now call home. I still don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I will tell you one thing… I know what I do want.

It became very clear, just the other day, when I was fed up with applying for jobs that were definitely not lighting my fire… “Not This”! So I decided to write a resume to the Universe. Instead of manipulating my resume to suit an ad on Seek, I wrote a resume exactly the way I wanted it to look. I added all the things that light me up and even added some things that I want to create in the future. Literally three hours later I had a phone call offering me the job of my dreams. A dream I’ve had for many years but I have been too shit scared to ask for it. I couldn’t fu*king believe it!

After a few more little moments of abundance = the Universe prodding me, I feel so inspired to share this story with you. And by sharing my resume with you I hope to inspire you to do the same, stop bullshitting the Universe and keep affirming: THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

Just for fun, why don’t you create a resume too? Take a few days to tinker away and don’t hold back on plumping yourself up and giving yourself some gold stars. Add all the things that really light you up, that make you feel good and leave out the bullshit. You’ll see my resume doesn’t have all the things that I’ve done in my career, instead it’s short and punchy. Keep it relevant, simple and clear about what you want (that’s the way the Universe likes it).

If you wanna get really brave, share your resume in the comments HERE so the Universe really knows you’re not bullshitting xx Lots o Love, Ez

CV Teacher + Facilitator

*You can get this groovy template from canva.com

– Erin Docherty facilitates colour therapy sessions using Aura-Soma®, she teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @colourmyspirit.com.au / on Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga / via her website http://www.colourmyspirit.com.au

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  1. Erin! Hope you’re well love 🙂 Just wanted to ask how did you save your resume? I’m having trouble to save mine, it only saves the internet page and not as a document…Thank you!

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