How to cultivate peace in a western world

As someone who teaches Meditation and Yoga I’m always going to encourage you to adopt a regular practice. Yes, Meditation and Yoga has all the science behind it: lowering your heart rate/blood pressure, better organ function and reducing stress (etc etc) but I believe that one cannot cultivate Peace with a Meditation practice alone. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel it after a long Savasana, but once you step back out into the world you may find yourself with the same thoughts eating away at you.

My formula for Peace is a commitment to being honest with yourself.  To be in touch with your heart and a one-hundred-percent-dedication to following it.

This could mean that you stop saying those things to your boss to ‘fit in’ or ‘please them’ and start sharing your ideas and desires to create a more fulfilling life for YOU! It could mean you tell your best mate that you don’t want to go to that noisy bar you don’t like, instead of making up some bullshit excuse as to why you can’t go. It could be that you stop telling yourself to “let it go” because you truely know that your heart isn’t ready yet.

Im not saying that following your heart is pain free, but it does create Peace. Your soul sighs relief when you commit to the path of the heart as it begins to trust and know that every cell in your body is living and breathing your purpose. As this becomes a natural ‘habit’, you’ll find that you don’t have as many of those conversations because you are fully vibrating Truth, Honour and Self Commitment.

Your relationships will be better as the people around know that you’ll always say what’s best for you, which means they don’t need to wreck their brain trying to do it for you. What a relief for your friends/partner/family! By committing to yourself you’re actually doing everyone a favour.

Say it with me…

I express truthfully from my heart


Spotting whales at the Byron Bay lighthouse trail and Aura-Soma® bottle #3, The Heart Bottle

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  1. Great advice thank you! 🙂 the path of the heart is uncomfortable but very rewarding 🙂 I also believe that peace comes from reconnecting to ourselves, from shifting the focus from the external world to the interior of our being 🙂

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