Am I even Spiritual?

I had an awesome convo with my bestie about Spirituality (as we chilled in a cafe in Bali – I know so Spiritual right!?).

What is Spirituality? What does it even mean? And am I even Spiritual?

There is an overwhelming world out there selling Spiritually and making people question if they’re getting it right. “Do I need to be fixed?”

As my bestie spoke to me about her daily practice and commitment to her healing journey, I realised that she never boasts about it (a true and humble yogi in my eyes). Her practice wouldn’t be a typical day in the life of a yogi though (there’s no #yogilyf) but what’s important when we talked, was that she was able to clear her mind and connect to her self, every day.

She said to me “I don’t Meditate.” and I replied “babe, I believe you do, more than most!”.

I’m a firm believer that Meditation can look like anything you want it too. Anything that allows you to observe the thought forms and sensations in your mind (& adding non judgment). Meditation and daily practice is you participating in something that connects you to yourSelf, whole heartedly. This might look like a walk, a surf, a dance, grooming your cat, or being without a screen for 10 minutes.

Anything that you come away from feeling clear headed, more aware of what might be bugging you, and so you can take the next most important step: action. Action to deal with the bugs in your system, and action to continue creating the good karma and love in your environment.

So, Meditation: “Doing something everyday that creates a clear mind and more awareness for you to understand what action that needs to be taken.”

Does that sound like something you could do?

I know you want to be successful and I believe these are the keys to success: Meditation and Action.

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In this group I go live every Monday 7.30pm and guide a Meditation and all week we support each other’s individual-connection-journey. And it’s absolutely free!

I hope to see you there! Also lock Monday 7.30pm EST in your diary and I’ll see you on the live Meditation vid.

Lots of Love


– Erin Docherty works with heart felt women, teaching them how to generate more energy from within, so they can thrive in their career, experience more presence and intimacy in their relationships, and get more sleep so they feel vibrant and healthy. She has guided thousands of women just like you, on this energy-activating self-care journey to turn exhaustion into vitality. By using natural modalities like Yoga, Meditation and Aura-Soma® colour therapy, these women are turning fatigue and disconnection into vibrancy, intimacy and love filled sparkles.

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