Fu*ked in the head or deep in the heart

This week in my 7 energy centres study program we explored the qualities of how green can offer us a chance to let go and find more space to connect with our hearts. We invited our hearts into the possibility of more opening, vulnerability and truth.

It seemed so fitting that this was the week I was asked to let go of a lover and trust in the flow of what’s to come.

My head battled away, needing answers and logical understanding of what the future is going to look like. But when I dropped my attention into my heart, it simply asked me to let go.

It felt so tight just underneath my skin and my heart felt a little closed, like I was holding my breath just before the letting go. I didn’t want it to look like this. I wanted our final night together to be happy and passionate so he could remember me as a beautiful goddess. (You know, like I’m in a romantic movie with mood lighting and ambient tunes). But it wasn’t like that. Instead I felt like a tender child and I needed softness and care.

The practice of bringing awareness to the moment helped me acknowledge what was truth, to stop fighting for it to look a certain way, and just allow myself to show up as I was. As undesirable as it felt for me. However, the more I accepted my truth in this moment I disarmed the power that the thoughts had over me.

Today, as I said good-bye, I still feel the letting go is unfolding. Not yet complete, but somehow I know this is the magic. This is the living. Not perfect and a constant ebb and flow.

“I express truthfully from the heart”

You too can experience more of this in my upcoming study program: The 7 Energy Centres beginning 4th June. In the previous programs I’ve run, those who attended have shared that it has not only changed the way they look at their world but changed their relationship with their loved ones and community.

This study program is something that will:

  • Deepen your morning practice/ ritual.
  • Expand your knowledge around your emotions and how to feel more empowered in feeling them.
  • Cleanse the negative bullsh*t you tell yourself.

For more details click here.

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