So what that you’re uncomfortable!?

Not an easy title or feeling to sit in: Uncomfortable. Most of us avoid being uncomfortable. Actually, I could confidently say that all of us avoid being uncomfortable.

We find solace in distraction and busy-ness, just so we don’t feel uncomfortable. However, it’s still going to be there if you don’t deal with it. Sitting beneath the surface of mindless pleasures and quick fixes.

Some people spend their whole lives looking for distraction just so they are not left on their own with their uncomfortable feelings.

We grab a hit of dopamine from our phones, chocolate, drugs, alcohol, one night stands, netflix, going hard at the gym or Yoga!

What we aren’t told, is that, by being able to hold ourselves in discomfort can be the best service we offer ourselves and the other. How often, as a friend or a parent, do we try and ease the discomfort of the other? Being in service for that person may be leaving them to feel their own karma. It would be a disservice to take that from them.

By being in service does not always feel like ‘Love and Light’. Being in service calls us to be honest, shed light on the truth and to be a reflection for someone else. This is not always easy or graceful. But by training ourselves to sit in the uncomfortable may just lead us to be the best parent, friend, aunty, therapist there is.

So here’s a thought, stop distracting yourself and go get bored until your uncomfortable. Then stay there for a while. When you want to leave, stay there for a little longer.

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