Somewhere in between

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve felt somewhere in between. There is a new generation that is taking the social media world by storm, with what seems to be such ease and understanding. Sharing their message so comfortably on this platform.

I’ve always been one to trust myself completely and confident to do things without being told how. However, earlier this year I tried to learn the ways of the online business so I could reach far and wide – women across the country and the world, while I live in Byron Bay. During this time I felt completely out of my depth, trying things that didn’t seem to feel right for me, but I continued to explore it because I hadn’t done it like that before (so maybe that’s why it felt weird?).

It all got too much, and I decided to put the project away entirely. I put it away because I became disconnected to WHY I was even doing it. Money was definitely not a reason for me to hang around, so I took 6 months off social media. I dove deep into observation and inquiry, and what I have become really clear about is that I do this because it feels like it’s my purpose and my gift to share. I’ve also discovered that I’ve continued to make great connections without ‘needing’ to use this platform. I also feel more connected to myself.

Now that I’m in a place where I feel connected more than ever as to WHY, it’s now my goal to open my mind to using social media in a way that feels TRUE for me. Not posting a certain way because it’s the correct formula. And no longer scrolling for hours either. I haven’t missed social media at all. Not one bit. I am still connected to events, my family and friends and even new lovers without any social media platform.

I do believe social media is a fabulous way to share creatively and stay connected with people. But first we must recalibrate the way we use it. A Social Media detox might just be in order.

If YOU feel ready for a detox, consider what you might gain:

  • More time in your day, less pressure, less anxiety.
  • Access to your creative side.
  • Connection to your personal purpose.
  • Have more conversations with people who are more your kind.
  • Create deeper connections and purpose in your relationships/friendships.

This list will continue to grow, and heck you might even save more money! Then when you feel ready to enter the social media world again, you can do it with more purpose and intention.

Because without intention, everything feels blurgh.

I welcome your questions about my experience, so feel free to contact me.

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