2020 Vision: To Create

I’m not a victim of my circumstances. I create my reality, every step of the way. I have chosen and choose, what today and tomorrow looks like.

The way I think, speak and act is within my control, it is within my power. I get to choose how I do this.

The word that has come up often in the last few days is CREATE. I am a creator, I am creative.

I get to create my reality, my intimate relationships, my work, my friendships. By staying present and connected to the deepest part of myself, I will always create the most unbelievable moments. Unbelievable, because I have allowed them to be born into this moment without expectation, without thinking about them, without limitations, without boxing myself in to other people’s ideals.

I allow myself to create a reality I didn’t even know was possible, until it flowed through me.

By trusting deeply in what feels true and real for me, I will always be creative. Allowing things to bend and move, that shapes a reality so spontaneous and interesting, it’s an art piece.

Hello 2020!

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