Subtract the why

When you receive a feeling or sensation in the body, can you express that, in that moment, and not after? Or do you tend to question why you’re having that feeling? There must be a reason, right!? And is it right?

What if you subtracted the question ‘why’ and allowed your body to express the feeling through sound and movement?

Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal?

93%! Whaaaa??!!! I know!

Stop explaining why, and just express it baby!

No more will we suppress this essential non-verbal communication, no more questioning! Stop asking “Why doesn’t he know how I’m feeling?” “Why can’t they see what I need?”, “Is this feeling of fear from my childhood?” “Is it an abandonment pattern of mine?”

What if you fu*ked off the questions, and just allowed the sensation to be felt and expressed? Don’t ask why. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt yourself.

Just for a little while. Practice this for one day.Maybe for 21 days. Could you give yourself permission?

I just got off a call with David Deida and he said to me “If you wait for the mind to be clear, you would be waiting eons. Just go straight into the responsiveness of your body.”

Be in the moment. How you feel in THAT moment. And then the next. And then the next.

Isn’t this the practice? Isn’t that what we’ve been practice Yoga and Meditation? To be present.

For the feminine, our gift is to be present with the energy that flows through us AND how it wants to be expressed. Sharing this gift with our intimate partner(s).

You want more depth? More love? More attention/presence? Then give this gift, in the moment.

Let go of the why, and trust your body’s intelligence, it’s wisdom. And sound it, move it, let it be as it is!!

Vulnerability at it’s best!

If you need a list of emotions to familiarise yourself with, click here for Professor Plutchik’s: The Wheel Of Emotions. Read through each one and connect with how they would feel in your body. And practice expressing that emotion. Practice it as an expression and not an accusation, as teachers Lisa Page and Nina Lombardo would say.

From there, try the practice of responding to the moment. How you can non-verbally communicate the way you feel when you move your hips, your shoulders, expressing the way it feels when you tickle your arm, responding to the way it feels when you put coconut oil on your skin, what it’s like to light a candle, putting fresh flowers in a vase. You could also practice what it’s like to express the feeling of being cold when you step outside, when you’re exhausted, when you’re on hold with telstra, the list goes on. Express these feelings as expression and not accusation.

What is like when you subtract the why!?

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