Mars + Venus in Leo

Mars entered Leo back in June 11 and now Venus catches up and entered Leo yesterday, on June 27. Think, your king and queen have come together in the most royal union.

Your masculine will lead in ways that will set you up on your throne. Mars will give you the energy to take action and Leo will direct the action to be in alignment with luxury and may even fiercely protect what you are working towards.

Your feminine will be in her element sitting on her throne, as Venus ignites your love life and finances. With Venus in Leo, you will enjoy leading with your big lion heart and look for relationships that are loyal and that offer you loving attention.

It’s a theme that will carry through to the end of July. Start this week of royal marriage with balance. Equal action to loving surrender. Plan your days to include times you can get your best work done and times where you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of your softness and beauty.

Be aware of the fire and passion of Leo, be responsible for the energy that moves through you. Be reflective this week, journal, pull your angel cards, join a meditation group or women’s circle where you can be understood without judgement.

If your fire is feisty, don’t burn your bridges, instead use it to get creative; use this energy to exercise; use this energy to go inward and connect with what your heart really desires. What do you want to see in the world? What are you really feeling? Can you become more vulnerable and see whats under your defensive and protective behaviour? There will most likely be a wound from the past. A pain you have not acknowledged. Something or someone you have not trusted. Use your meditative time to be reflective and be kind to yourself.

Lots of Love, LW x

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