Mars and Venus Conjunct

We are currently sitting in a very special meeting of two planets: Venus and Mars will CONJUNCT tomorrow, 13 July. This happens every two years, and this time they meet in the zodiac Leo, setting the tone of the next two year cycle.

Venus (our feminine) and Mars (our masculine) will make love in Leo (royal, authentic self).

Think, passionate and connected union with your masculine and feminine (and igniting the fire with you and your partner).

With my sun sign in Leo, I understand the strength and inner fire that burns brightly inside of us. We have a deep desire to be seen, acknowledged and praised. We are fiercely protective and loyal to the ones we love. Leo’s are sensual, sensitive and sunny, always lighting up a room when they enter.

Now put this into the context of your feminine and masculine union. A marriage of your softer, creative side and your in-action, creating structure side. Both sides wanting praise and acknowledgment, both sides protecting this union, both sides feeling the inner fire and passion for each other.

Anyone else excited by this!?

With the planet Mercury moving through Cancer now, we will want to express our feelings to create emotional security and create a sense of home within ourselves. A perfect combination to create a hearty and spicy soup in your heart.

With this being the centre of attention this week, you will feel a lot, and benefit from expressing this energy through dance, play, touch, and connection.

In your writing time, journal on what you love about your feminine and what you love about your masculine. Do this with your partner too.

You will create a beautiful week full of passion, if you can honour both sides. Your inner Lion will roar with pleasure if you do.

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