Bold Communication as Mercury visits Leo

From tomorrow, the planet Mercury will enter Leo for the rest of the week, charging the connections we have, with the strength of a lion.

How do you communicate authentically and from the heart?

Leo energy gives you courage and the desire to be seen and Mercury wants you to convey the message loud and clear.

Express your royal self, with the intention of giving and receiving only the best!

Communication can be with yourself, or with others.

Explore how you speak to yourself. What thoughts do you have? What stories do you tell yourself? What do you believe?

Is it true? Is it the best possible thought? If not, you must make efforts to change the communication with yourself, to be only the best.

The same with your relationships. How do you speak to others? What thoughts do you have towards others? What do you believe to be true? and is it really true?

To make your communication the best it can be, you must be in touch with your heart. First you must know who you are really. First you must believe in yourself. Then you speak from a place of inner strength, personal power. Not from the ego, but from knowing you have everything you need.

Communicate with courage. You have the strength of a lion behind you this week.

LW x


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