What it means to go ‘retrograde’

You may have heard when Mercury goes retrograde, that is the time when our communication (or technology) fails. At one point or another all planets will have their turn at going ‘retrograde’. So what does it mean when that happens?

I always explain it as the time when the planet goes back to make sure we have crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s. Symbolically, going retrograde is like going backwards. What actually happens in the cosmos is that the Earth passes the planet, leaving it behind, and giving it the effect that it is going backwards. When really the Earth has only overlapped it on its circuit.

What we are more concerned with, is what it means for us. For example, this week we have almost all planets retrograde:

  • South Node – Karmic Past
  • North Node – Future
  • Pluto – Transformation, obsession, power
  • Saturn – Restriction, permission, structure
  • Jupiter – Expansion, optimism, abundance
  • Neptune – Imagination, dreams, illusions
  • Chiron – Points of Healing
  • Uranus – Rebellion, upheaval, eccentricity

Notice the relationship each planet has with a part of our lives, you could analyse each of these areas. Do you need to tie up any loose ends?

This is exactly what the planet in retrograde is asking you to do. Has this been mirrored to you this week? Tie up the loose ends by either having a conversation with that friend, or diving deep within yourself to see what has not been healed or accepted.

Do it now, so you can go direct with lightness and ease.

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