New Moon in Virgo

NEW MOON IN VIRGO arrives Tuesday 07 September at 10.51 (aest). Paying attention to detail and being methodical will be the highlight around this new moon.

We begin with material possessions as it’s the easiest way in, with an earth sign like Virgo. They are not always able to accept their emotions and so we can reveal what we need to clear emotionally, by getting organised with our material possessions first.

Notice what comes up, as you tend to what needs your attention. Do you need to organise your Tax, or your cupboards, or your emails. It’s the perfect time to set up systems for yourself in this time.

What do you need to tend to this month? Use the systematic energy of Virgo to write your to do list for the month ahead.

New Moon – New Beginning. Let’s get organised.

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Clear space, clear mind.

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