How to stay focused in this wild world

Many people are reporting that they are
unmotivated, distracted and anxious.

These feelings are only normal
as further rules and restrictions are
enforced upon us, but
us witches can always rise above it.

You can do
what you put
your mind to.

If you want freedom, you must create it.
If you want connection, you must create it.
If you want love, you must create it.

How do you create it?

Start with your intention.
How do you want to feel?
Why do you want it?
What do you want to see in your future?

Intention plants the seed and
gives your energy a direction.

How do you grow the seed?

Start with being connected to your feminine side.
This is where all source of creation begins.
Take the day off to rest, draw, bake, clean, dance.
Let the mind wonder a little bit,
get bored a little bit,
journal and wait
for inspiration to bubble up and drop in.

Creation needs no boundary’s and
definitely no push or striving.

How do you put creative ideas into action?

As inspiration bubbles up,
write down your ideas,
talk to people about your ideas,
and write down small steps
you can do
to create it.

Then start with
one thing at a time.

3 thoughts on “How to stay focused in this wild world

  1. Love this. It’s so true. I’ve be working so hard at focusing extra hard on what I’m consuming as far as media and focusing on hope, joy, and accomplishing the things I fear can’t happen. Powerful message, thank you for putting it out into the universe ✨

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