Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries arrives
in the early hours of Thursday morning,
21 October at 01.56 am.
This hot energy will intensify
the emotions that surface
around a full moon.

The bright light of the moon
will illuminate anything
that has been locked away
in a dark room or suppressed.

Be careful not to become aggressive
or frustrated by what surfaces,
instead use the fire of Aries
to purify and
motivate change within you.

Fire is a strong energy
that can be used to
push something forward.
Allow it to inspire
alternative opportunities and
new perspective.

Be wise as to what you focus on,
as your energy will
flow in this direction and
be ignited by this Aries energy.

I know it feels intense
around the time of the full moon,
but it can be useful
to observe and
become aware
of what is rising in you.


What feels intense in my life right now?
Is this what I want to put my focus on?
Can I use this fire to focus on opportunity?

Use this full moon energy
to set the world on fire
with your passion and confidence.

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