Who Is Light Witch

Light Witch is a magical and creative experience that nurtures and opens the minds and hearts of women. Passionately educating and leading women on journeys that cleanse and expand their awareness.

We are made of light (energy), an invisible force that intrinsically connects us to everything and everyone around us, including the infinite Universe. When you understand how to align your energy frequency (just like tuning into a radio station) you effortlessly attract all that aligns with that vibration.

If you are managing stress, self-judgement, or anxiety you block the stream of good flowing energy. This makes it very difficult to feel the warmth of Love in your heart that is always present, and so you begin your search outside of yourself for this Love.

John Lennon once said “We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create.”

In order to be your caring and creative self, you must activate the Love within your heart. 

Everyone can access this state of being, you just need to understand your energy body.

Light Witch Vision

Activating Love in the hearts of our human race.

To eradicate fear, cure stress, anxiety and self-criticism through building better connections with your community. 

Light Witch Mission

We are making every women feel relaxed, powerful and comfortable in her skin. We remind her that she doesn’t need to search outside of herself for Love, because she is the essence of Love.

We are creating spaces to Love fills the temple of her body and she pours it into everything she does. She is Love.

Lead Light Witch

The youngest of three sisters, Erin completes a triangle of witches. The eldest sister; a western medicine nurse, the middle sister; a herbal medicine naturopath and Erin; an energetic, self-healing therapist. The triangle of medicine in our world today.

Erin has studied the light body since 2010 and specialises in human emotions; why do they occur, how they inform us, and how to accept them without a “good or bad” judgement.

In my experience of teaching in boutique Yoga studio’s in Melbourne and Byron Bay, in the local gym, in corporate offices and even in award winning retreat destinations around Australia including Gaia Retreat,  I have seen thousands of humans access this state. Even those completely new to Yoga, those who are managing chronic injury and women who are growing a child.

I have trained with the Aura-Soma® Academy since 2010, which has expanded my consciousness, my understanding of the light body and the way in which energy works within our being. I’ve studied Reiki and found Meditation in my early 20’s which has given me the ability to feel more connected to myself and realise I have the power to create my own reality.


  1. Dr Scott Lyons | Somatic Stress Release: 30hr
  2. Michaela Boehm | Embodied Ecstasy, Erotic Mystery: A 5-Day Immersion
  3. Dancing Eros |  8 week Conscious Erotic Dance Course
  4. Hugh Lee | Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50hr
  5. Orgasmic Hearts | Feminine Power Series: Sacred Sexuality 20hr
  6. Simon Borg-Olivier | Spinal breathing: Circulating Prana in Movement 3hr
  7. Moksha Academy of Yoga | Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 500hr
  8. Reiki | Level I
  9. Aura-Soma® Academy | Colour Therapy Certificate I + II + III

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