Clear Intentions Moon Ritual

A unique and powerful team building experience in Byron Bay

2020 has been a challenging year for most — both personally and professionally. So it’s important to release the year that was, to regroup and reenergise in order to move on.

The Clear Intentions Moon Ritual offers an incredibly unique and powerful two hour experience that will heal, inspire and unify your team and provide clarity and focus through magic, ritual and intention setting.

Let me take care of you and your people at the Light Witch Craft House in Byron Bay or at a location of your choice. There I will create a beautiful, tranquil space where everyone feels relaxed, calm and connected. Each person will be rejuvenated and inspired to set their intentions for the year through ceremony and ritual, guided meditation, crystal healing, yin yoga, spell casting and more.

And to maintain these new self care practices and mindset after the ritual, each person will receive a beautiful Clarity Ritual Kit to take home.

The Clear Intentions Moon Ritual is not only a unique and inspiring way to bring your team together, it is also a special gift to the people that help to make your business what it is.

Pricing and inclusions

$400 + $55 per person*

This powerful two-hour session includes:

  • White sage smudging to purify your energy
  • Teachings of the current astrology and moon cycle
  • Cleansing and protection of your aura
  • Breathing and sound practice to calm your mind
  • Guided meditation to ground you
  • Confidential journaling to clarify your emotions
  • Burning ceremony to release the old
  • Spell casting for your future
  • Yin yoga to stretch your body
  • Calming essential oils to awaken your senses
  • Guided peace meditation to integrate your new vision
  • Crystal quartz sound bath to raise your vibration
  • Oracle card guidance for faith and trust in creating all that you deserve

Each person will receive a potent Clarity Ritual Kit containing:

  • White sage smudge stick to purify your space
  • Royal Blue Aura-Soma® Pomander to clean your aura and promote clear seeing
  • Lapis lazuli crystal to release stress and bring peace

Unforgettable! Bought us all so much closer as a team!
Thank you Erin x

Beth Samuel


Can you come to us?*

Yes, absolutely. I can come to your accommodation (just add $70 per hour of travel outside of Byron Bay). I do require a space big enough where participants can all lie down comfortably.

Can we come to you?

Groups of 2 people can be accommodated at my Light Witch Craft House in Old Bangalow Road, Byron Bay.

What time does the ritual start?

This depends on your group needs. You may prefer the ritual in the morning from 10am or you may like an afternoon from 3pm. I will always work with you to find a time that suites. It’s best to try and book as early as possible to ensure you receive the best and most suitable time slot.

How many people can participate in the ritual?

The ritual accommodates 1 to 8 people. You can simply add more at $70pp.

Can the ritual be tailored to my group?

Absolutely. Please contact me to discuss the changes you would like to make.

I felt very held and supported. The ceremony helped me to release stagnant energy and opened me up to fresh energy. Erin is such an incredible witch. Her insight and heart opening guidance has really assisted me to plant the seeds of abundance.

Brian Connolly, @brianconnollyart