The Shadow Side | Blood Moon Effect

We are currently experiencing the power of a blood moon eclipse. Although, here in Oz, we won’t be able to SEE it, we can certainly FEEL it. It’s time now to stop tolerating the things that are slowing us down. It’s now time to LET GO. The shadow side is being brought up to theContinue reading “The Shadow Side | Blood Moon Effect”

The beginning of my Aura-Soma journey …

I became curious about energy back in 2009, and as it happens, was introduced to the Aura-Soma bottles and products by Shirleyrose Rowe soon after. I attended a consultation at a Level 1 training weekend which ‘Shirl’ was teaching and from there Aura-Soma has been ever present. I went on to study Level 1 Aura-SomaContinue reading “The beginning of my Aura-Soma journey …”