Calming Ritual + Ceremony

We all have magic inside of us.

Are you planning a weekend with the girls? Do you have a big occasion coming up that you want to be absolutely magic? Do you want an experience that will take you from hot-mess-stressed to positively peaceful?

Don’t just book another weekend activity-filler, give the girls an extraordinary Byron Bay experience that will make them feel incredibly special, positively impact their life, and even kickstart a healthy habit.

There’s nothing like feeling the love and connection with the girls. We have been there for each other through thick and thin: the break ups, break downs, make ups, first home, engagements, weddings, and babies!

Let me take care of you and your girls. I will create magic that will deepen your connection and strengthen a life long bond. They’ll love you for it!



We all know that self Love is important, but prioritising ourselves can be the last thing on our list. This uplifting ritual has been designed so that you can completely relax. I will guide you in highly nourishing and connected self care rituals, so you give yourself the attention that you deserve. When you fill up your cup, you will immediately see your glowing radiant self again. Open your hearts to a euphoric 2 hour session of loving rituals you can use at home, guided Meditation, journalling, and oracle card guidance. Bath in the most beautiful sound healing that will leave each of you feeling like you’re in heart heaven.

What you will receive:

  • CLEANSING of stagnant energy + emotion,
  • PROTECTION of your aura,
  • BREATHING + SOUND practice to calm your mind,
  • GUIDED MEDITATION to help you surrender,
  • CREATIVE JOURNALING to clarify your thoughts and emotions,
  • JOJOBA + ROSE OIL SELF-MASSAGE to nourish your skin,
  • BODY GRATITUDE to ignite self love,
  • CAST A LOVE SPELL to open your heart,
  • YIN YOGA to stretch your body,
  • HEART CHAKRA SOUND BATH with the quartz crystal singing bowl,
  • ORACLE CARD GUIDANCE for the faith + support you need to move forward, and
  • A LOVING RITUAL KIT for each of you to take home.

We use a beautiful the Pink Aura-Soma® Pomander (including the sweet essential oils of Rose Geranium, Frangipani, and Jojoba to form a powerful combination with Rose Quartz, Danburite, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Pink Angelite crystals. Joined by Guelder Rose, Milk Thistle, and Rose Damascena herbal extracts) to cleanse and protect our aura.

This session is particularly helpful to attract love into your aura and feel radiant. You will feel more connected to those you love and spread unconditional love through out the group.

$300 + $50pp


Release and burn toxic energy, like anxiety and stress, and reignite your sense of fun and lightness with crystal healing, Meditation, a burning ceremony and colour therapy. This is a powerful 4 hour session that will enrich your feminine heart, transform the way you connect with others, and leave you crystal clear about what you are creating in your life. Cast a magical spell and create a vision board for your future.

What you will receive:

  • CLEANSING + PROTECTION of your aura,
  • BREATHING + SOUND practice to calm your mind,
  • GUIDED MEDITATION to ground you,
  • CREATIVE JOURNALING to open the flow of effortless ideas,
  • BURNING CEREMONY to release toxic energy,
  • YOGA to stretch your body,
  • INTUITION ACTIVITY to clarify your deepest needs,
  • COLOUR THERAPY and play with your imagination,
  • INSPIRATION BOARD to refresh your goals + open to the possibilities,
  • CALMING ESSENTIAL OIL to please your senses,
  • CRYSTAL QUARTZ SOUND BATH to raise your vibration,
  • GUIDED PEACE MEDITATION integrate your new vision,
  • ORACLE CARD GUIDANCE for the faith + support you need to move forward, and
  • A BEAUTIFUL RITUAL KIT for each of you to take home.

Activate your intuition and open your third eye with a Royal Blue Aura-Soma® Pomander (the smooth aroma of Lavender, Blue Chamomile and Arnica essential oils, combined Rose Quartz, Sapphire Blue, Chalcedony, Blue Lake Agate, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise crystals, including Arnica and Chamomile herbal extracts).

This session is particularly helpful to clarify your purpose and revive the trust in your direction. It will bring laughter (& possibly tears) to the room as you celebrate each others unique spark!

$400 + 70pp

I felt very held and supported. The ceremony helped me to release stagnant energy and opened me up to fresh energy. Erin is such an incredible witch. Her insight and heart opening guidance has really assisted me to plant the seeds of abundance.

Brian Connolly, @brianconnollyart

Unforgettable!! Bought us all so much closer as a team!! Thank you Erin x

Beth Samuel

10 stars from me. I loved clearing my energy, the sound bath and chanting. Erin gives great guidance with worksheets/questions. It was the perfect pace. I loved the smells, the aesthetic and I couldn’t wait to turn over my oracle card!

Alice Connolly, Byron Bay

The ritual was beautiful, the most clear meditation I’ve had in a long time. The level of care and giving Erin provides is 10 out of 10. I especially loved the aroma and smells and attention to detail through out.

Gemma Standford, @arcaa_movement

Activating Love in our hearts