Our Meditation Group

Guided Meditations for your weekly calm, grounding and support.

Have you fallen into a slump and bad habits? Do you want to anchor a regular self care practice?

It’s not always easy to make new positive habits, and you don’t need to do it alone. Join Our Meditation Group for the genuine support you need.

Set up your week ahead with a positive headspace, clear the residual energy from the weekend and get grounded so you can excel your way to living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Apply today and receive:

Live guided Meditation group every Monday 7.30pm (AEST) via zoom;

Pre-recorded (audio) Yin Yoga library, updated fresh every month with a new class;

Receive your bi-monthly guide to a magical full and new moon ritual to help you let go of toxic emotions and find clarity

Apply today to receive your Yin Yoga class and link to this Monday’s Meditation.

Guided Meditation

Every Monday be guided on how to cleanse your energy, guided 3 Star Meditation and time for personal shares with our intimate group via zoom.

Yin Yoga Library

Receive a pre-recorded audio library of themed Yin Yoga classes for your body. Updated fresh every month.

Full Moon Guide

Receive your monthly guide to a magical full moon ritual and journal questions to clarify what you are ready to release.

I feel like a different person from the one who commenced my journey with you 18 months ago. You have been a solid wise council for me when I was trying to make sense of things and trying to anchor in a daily spiritual practice.

Suzie McMillan

The thing I love about Our Meditation Group is the lovely participants and our fantastic Light Witch. I like the style of the class & the type of Meditation. It leaves me feeling calm and grounded and like I’ve genuinely connected with our group.

Activating the hearts of our human race.