Self Love Ritual Kit


I know you are a sensitive woman who cares for others, so protecting your energy is important to you.

Regular cleansing of your energy field is vital in keeping your aura strong. Your aura is like the ozone layer around the planet, it protects you.

Your aura is an electro-magnetic field that absorbs your environment and the energies around you.

Have you been in rooms of people in pain?
Have you been in the concrete jungle?
Have you been exposed to lots of screen time?

I have put together my own personal ritual kit that equips you with everything you need to cleanse your home and work place, to reinvigorate your aura and to uplift your energy with unconditional love and self acceptance.


Self Love Ritual Kit includes:

Rose Quartz Crystal

White Sage Smudge Stick

Aura-Soma® Pomander Pink

100% Pure Rose Mist Spray

Comes in a pure white gift box with instructions

*BONUS Heart Meditation Audio Recording


Gift to a friend or your beautiful Self.


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