Lions Gate & a New Moon in Leo

This Sunday we will walk through the lion’s gate portal and begin a new cycle with a new moon in Leo, whilst the Sun is in its home of Leo also. Phaw! This Sunday will be a powerful and potent day. There is a focus on being heart centred and feeling at home within yourself.Continue reading “Lions Gate & a New Moon in Leo”

Bold Communication as Mercury visits Leo

From tomorrow, the planet Mercury will enter Leo for the rest of the week, charging the connections we have, with the strength of a lion. How do you communicate authentically and from the heart? Leo energy gives you courage and the desire to be seen and Mercury wants you to convey the message loud andContinue reading “Bold Communication as Mercury visits Leo”

Mars and Venus Conjunct

We are currently sitting in a very special meeting of two planets: Venus and Mars will CONJUNCT tomorrow, 13 July. This happens every two years, and this time they meet in the zodiac Leo, setting the tone of the next two year cycle. Venus (our feminine) and Mars (our masculine) will make love in LeoContinue reading “Mars and Venus Conjunct”

Mars + Venus in Leo

Mars entered Leo back in June 11 and now Venus catches up and entered Leo yesterday, on June 27. Think, your king and queen have come together in the most royal union. Your masculine will lead in ways that will set you up on your throne. Mars will give you the energy to take actionContinue reading “Mars + Venus in Leo”