New Moon in Virgo

NEW MOON IN VIRGO arrives Tuesday 07 September at 10.51 (aest). Paying attention to detail and being methodical will be the highlight around this new moon.

We begin with material possessions as it’s the easiest way in, with an earth sign like Virgo. They are not always able to accept their emotions and so we can reveal what we need to clear emotionally, by getting organised with our material possessions first.

Notice what comes up, as you tend to what needs your attention. Do you need to organise your Tax, or your cupboards, or your emails. It’s the perfect time to set up systems for yourself in this time.

What do you need to tend to this month? Use the systematic energy of Virgo to write your to do list for the month ahead.

New Moon – New Beginning. Let’s get organised.

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Clear space, clear mind.

What it means to go ‘retrograde’

You may have heard when Mercury goes retrograde, that is the time when our communication (or technology) fails. At one point or another all planets will have their turn at going ‘retrograde’. So what does it mean when that happens?

I always explain it as the time when the planet goes back to make sure we have crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s. Symbolically, going retrograde is like going backwards. What actually happens in the cosmos is that the Earth passes the planet, leaving it behind, and giving it the effect that it is going backwards. When really the Earth has only overlapped it on its circuit.

What we are more concerned with, is what it means for us. For example, this week we have almost all planets retrograde:

  • South Node – Karmic Past
  • North Node – Future
  • Pluto – Transformation, obsession, power
  • Saturn – Restriction, permission, structure
  • Jupiter – Expansion, optimism, abundance
  • Neptune – Imagination, dreams, illusions
  • Chiron – Points of Healing
  • Uranus – Rebellion, upheaval, eccentricity

Notice the relationship each planet has with a part of our lives, you could analyse each of these areas. Do you need to tie up any loose ends?

This is exactly what the planet in retrograde is asking you to do. Has this been mirrored to you this week? Tie up the loose ends by either having a conversation with that friend, or diving deep within yourself to see what has not been healed or accepted.

Do it now, so you can go direct with lightness and ease.

Full Moon Guidance

This Sunday we are blessed with a Full Moon in Aquarius, for the second time in a row. Offering us a second chance to create freedom in our community.

In between these two full moons we celebrated a Leo New Moon, in which gave us an opportunity to cultivate a courageous loving heart.

What an interesting concept in a world that has so many restrictions right now. The cosmic energy is giving us an opportunity. An opportunity to create a new world. A new world that is from the heart.

The energy of Aquarius will provide us with innovative ideas, connection with our community and the spirit of generosity.

In a world that is living with so much fear right now, it’s hard to think about giving to others. When we live in fear, we hold tight and protect what is ours. But if every single person was more concerned about giving, then every one would be receiving.

This Sundays energy is asking you to connect with your Lion hearts and give abundantly to the people around you. Creating a ripple effect of more gratitude and giving, which means more and more receiving.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of fear. Create your loving community and keep giving. In witches law, you will receive it back three fold!

Full Moon in Aquarius 22 August

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS arrives on Sunday 22 August at 10.01pm (AEST). For all you forward thinkers out there, this is your time. Bringing with you the leadership of the Leo new moon we experienced just two weeks ago, you have the ability to change the future.

If you have an Aquarius in your life, you know that they are very generous and care about whats happening in the world. They have the ability to see a future, that has not been thought of before. They are innovators.

You can tap into this very power as the moon lights up the entire sky, like a torch, lighting the way for you. Helping you see the future, like you’ve never seen it before.

  • What do you want to create?
  • What do you want for your community?
  • How can you contribute to your community?
  • Who will you collaborate with to make this a reality?

Contemplate these questions and release any obstacles that are in the way. The Full Moon is a time to release and let go. Use fire to transmute the old and allow your ideas to rise from the ashes.

Lions Gate & a New Moon in Leo

This Sunday we will walk through the lion’s gate portal and begin a new cycle with a new moon in Leo, whilst the Sun is in its home of Leo also.

Phaw! This Sunday will be a powerful and potent day.

There is a focus on being heart centred and feeling at home within yourself. Are you able to listen to your heart without needing everyone else’s approval?

The energy of this week is to walk quietly through the jungle, with a lions confidence.

“A Lion doesn’t have to roar to be a lion. Even when he purrs the whole jungle knows he is the king.” – Aaliyah

Remember that everything you do, is your choice and this energy is about feeling empowered in these choices and tasks.

Consider releasing what doesn’t make you feel creative, inspired, and aligned with your hearts desire.

Focus your attention on what makes you feel empowered and loving. Don’t get caught up in the bragging, hype or fear provoking people or news. Clean up your instagram feed. What makes you feel good!?

Keep things simple, don’t make extravagant plans. Stay connected to your pride, your closest family and friends.

Keep doing the things that help you grow and strengthen the belief in yourself.

The lion is with you. Meditate on that ☥

New Moon in Leo

THE NEW MOON IN LEO arrives at 11.49pm aest on 8 August, which adds another potent element to this Sunday and the Lion’s Gate portal.

The new moon is dark, it’s a new cycle in the lunar calendar and a time to plant the seed you want to see grow.

We can use this as the Leo energy for a confident new beginning. What do you want to see in your future? Make an action plan, and do something today that will benefit your tomorrow. 

A Leo is loyal to his pride of lions, so take this weekend to connect with your closest people who accept you for everything that you are. Your Leo heart will thrive! 

CARVE OUT TIME ON SUNDAY TO BE IN RITUAL. Sit in silence, listen to your heart, and write down EVERYTHING you want to create in your life. Be sure to clearly write down what you will do each day that is working towards your intention.

USE MY NEW MOON IN LEO JOURNAL QUESTIONS to help you get clear on what you are manifesting:


Lion’s Gate portal

This Sunday there is a cosmic alignment of the two brightest stars in our sky – the sun and the star Sirius. This will create a potent portal known as the lion’s gate.

Sunday 08 August marks an annual meeting of these two bright stars, in alignment with the Earth. It is a very potent and powerful portal for manifesting wealth and prosperity, according to numerology and many civilizations.

Sirius is the second brightest star in our sky, and will be visible at this time of year. With the sun in its home of Leo we will feel a fiery, confident and royal energy rise within us all.

It’s the perfect time to be in a positive head space and to clarify what you want to manifest in your life.

Landing on the same day is the new moon in Leo, adding more potency to the fire for new beginnings.

CARVE OUT TIME ON SUNDAY TO BE IN RITUAL. Be with your heart, and write down EVERYTHING you want to create in your life.

Be wise, my little witch, for if you open your heart to everything you deserve, you might just get it.

How to Manifest

What creations are you cooking up? Just like building a fire, you need to attend to it often and with respect.

Give your creation your full attention. Feel it in your body, and see it in your mind. Rest in it for a few minutes and relax your body so you can receive all that you wish for.

Be grateful for what you already have and be grateful for what you are calling in.

Manifestation is your super power and the Universe wants to give it all to you, my little witch!

Bold Communication as Mercury visits Leo

From tomorrow, the planet Mercury will enter Leo for the rest of the week, charging the connections we have, with the strength of a lion.

How do you communicate authentically and from the heart?

Leo energy gives you courage and the desire to be seen and Mercury wants you to convey the message loud and clear.

Express your royal self, with the intention of giving and receiving only the best!

Communication can be with yourself, or with others.

Explore how you speak to yourself. What thoughts do you have? What stories do you tell yourself? What do you believe?

Is it true? Is it the best possible thought? If not, you must make efforts to change the communication with yourself, to be only the best.

The same with your relationships. How do you speak to others? What thoughts do you have towards others? What do you believe to be true? and is it really true?

To make your communication the best it can be, you must be in touch with your heart. First you must know who you are really. First you must believe in yourself. Then you speak from a place of inner strength, personal power. Not from the ego, but from knowing you have everything you need.

Communicate with courage. You have the strength of a lion behind you this week.

LW x


Mars and Venus Conjunct

We are currently sitting in a very special meeting of two planets: Venus and Mars will CONJUNCT tomorrow, 13 July. This happens every two years, and this time they meet in the zodiac Leo, setting the tone of the next two year cycle.

Venus (our feminine) and Mars (our masculine) will make love in Leo (royal, authentic self).

Think, passionate and connected union with your masculine and feminine (and igniting the fire with you and your partner).

With my sun sign in Leo, I understand the strength and inner fire that burns brightly inside of us. We have a deep desire to be seen, acknowledged and praised. We are fiercely protective and loyal to the ones we love. Leo’s are sensual, sensitive and sunny, always lighting up a room when they enter.

Now put this into the context of your feminine and masculine union. A marriage of your softer, creative side and your in-action, creating structure side. Both sides wanting praise and acknowledgment, both sides protecting this union, both sides feeling the inner fire and passion for each other.

Anyone else excited by this!?

With the planet Mercury moving through Cancer now, we will want to express our feelings to create emotional security and create a sense of home within ourselves. A perfect combination to create a hearty and spicy soup in your heart.

With this being the centre of attention this week, you will feel a lot, and benefit from expressing this energy through dance, play, touch, and connection.

In your writing time, journal on what you love about your feminine and what you love about your masculine. Do this with your partner too.

You will create a beautiful week full of passion, if you can honour both sides. Your inner Lion will roar with pleasure if you do.

Mars + Venus in Leo

Mars entered Leo back in June 11 and now Venus catches up and entered Leo yesterday, on June 27. Think, your king and queen have come together in the most royal union.

Your masculine will lead in ways that will set you up on your throne. Mars will give you the energy to take action and Leo will direct the action to be in alignment with luxury and may even fiercely protect what you are working towards.

Your feminine will be in her element sitting on her throne, as Venus ignites your love life and finances. With Venus in Leo, you will enjoy leading with your big lion heart and look for relationships that are loyal and that offer you loving attention.

It’s a theme that will carry through to the end of July. Start this week of royal marriage with balance. Equal action to loving surrender. Plan your days to include times you can get your best work done and times where you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of your softness and beauty.

Be aware of the fire and passion of Leo, be responsible for the energy that moves through you. Be reflective this week, journal, pull your angel cards, join a meditation group or women’s circle where you can be understood without judgement.

If your fire is feisty, don’t burn your bridges, instead use it to get creative; use this energy to exercise; use this energy to go inward and connect with what your heart really desires. What do you want to see in the world? What are you really feeling? Can you become more vulnerable and see whats under your defensive and protective behaviour? There will most likely be a wound from the past. A pain you have not acknowledged. Something or someone you have not trusted. Use your meditative time to be reflective and be kind to yourself.

Lots of Love, LW x

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Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on 25th June 2021 at exactly 4:39am (AEST). Capricorn is represented by the sea goat; they are confident, step up and lead and they play it super cool (think Michelle Obama). On the flip side of Capricorn energy, they are fussy, can be irritable, and find it hard to adapt to change.

Following on from my Winter Solstice post, I have challenged you all to starve the things that you have become comfortable with. The Full Moon in Capricorn will help you see the areas of your life in which you don’t want to change because you’ve become accustom to the luxury.

This week, observe the things that you become frustrated by. Is it threatening your comfort zone? Where in your life could you step up and lead? What areas do you want more confidence? Use the Capricorn energy to apply these qualities and reveal the blind spot that you have.

The full moon illuminates the sky, shining a light in the dark. The full moon pulls the ocean. And so, just like that, our own emotional (water) darkness will be highlighted this week. Prepare yourself, play it cool, apply humility and observe what shows up on your path this week to test you.

Journal to help you reveal your hidden beliefs, attitudes. Step up and be confident in the process. You don’t have to have it all together, but being aware of the energy this week may help you face it with less attachment.

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It’s the perfect time to purge and release these old habits. Don’t be afraid of the parts that you hide, they are your biggest gifts.

LW x

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa) arrives on Monday 21 June at 1.32pm (AEST). The planet’s southern pole is at its maximum tilt away from the sun, making it the shortest day and longest night of the year.

It is marked by festivals and rituals in many cultures, celebrating the death and rebirth of the Sun. We celebrate longer days as we move towards Spring, although we have some time to ride out the winter months. We can use these months to reflect, rejuvenate and replenish, in preparation for the blooming season.

In this time, many cultures would slaughter their stock, before they starve, and would make plenty of beer. This was the one time of the year they were plentiful in red meat.

They would bring gifts in honour of the Sun God and look forward to the warmer months that were coming.

The Sun represents our personality, the “I am”, our ego, or our solar plexus chakra (Manipura). How can we celebrate the death and rebirth of our ego?

You could use the winter solstice as a ritual to shed (or starve) your ego of any indulgences, or comforts. What are you telling yourself you need or want. What part of your life do you strongly identify with? Where are you so comfortable that it makes you irritable if it would be taken away. This is the time to bring awareness to your attachments.

When you think about it, you want to feel lighter as you emerge into Spring. Mental and emotional lightness is the key, so that when Spring arrives you have the energy to birth your ideas and projects into the world.

Use these winter months to shed, detach from the comforts and focus on living simply, buying vegetables that are in season; making soups and uncomplicated casseroles, that are nourishing, yet simple.

When you begin to change your behaviours and let go of what you think you need in order to be ‘successful’, ‘loved’, ‘accepted’, it will be easier to adapt to natures extremes. It also stretches your capacity to see things with a wider lens or alternative perspective.

Try this Winter Solstice Ritual at home:

  • Sage your house and ask for lightness and ease in the letting go process
  • Reflect on the areas that are challenging for you: Are you still single and want to find true love, Do you want great success in your career, do you want to find your tribe.
  • Can you sit with yourself and find this love, success and belonging within yourself? Do you HAVE to be doing, achieving or saying something important to be accepted in your community?
  • What thought could you release that would help you accept yourself more?
  • Why do you NEED that? Why do you NEED him/her?
  • Spray rose mist in the room, or apply rose oil to your wrists to invoke love and be kind to yourself in this process.
  • Access your wisdom deep inside and listen carefully to the quiet voice within.
  • Now write down what lights you up. What brings you joy? What makes you smile? With or without anyone, go and do those things. Plan them out and make them happen for yourself. And begin to watch the path unfold as you become magnetic.
  • Keep the list of joy and smiles on your altar and light a candle every day and commit to bring more happiness/sunshine to your day by doing more of these things.

Make every moment magic.

Love, LW x

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The Power in Rest

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a bad witch.

On Monday I overworked myself, and did all the bad things: I went to bed after midnight, looked at the screen for 18 hours and convinced myself it was because I was in the flow. I pushed through Tuesday, after getting less than 6 hours sleep and not eating properly that day. I went to bed with a headache and I woke up feeling like I fried my brain. It felt like I’d been run over by a freight train. Ouch!

After taking a long shower, visualising the water washing away the tension in my head, I decided to give up the day to rest. (Fu*k. I really didn’t have time for that. I have a big to do list: schedule social media posts, prepare for the week of full moon events, invite women to my free online masterclass and share my mentorship program launch starting July).

I know this voice well and I can tell this is all fear based stress. So I gave it some space to be heard. I asked myself:

“What is it that you are afraid of if we rest today?”

“What do we really need to get done today?”

“Is there something that you are unsure about”

“Do you not trust that we are a magnetic force of feminine nature, with manifesting powers?”

And finally I told myself: “You create life darling, the feminine will not be rushed. You will take today to rest and see what unfolds.”

I took myself on a self-regulating retreat. It looked a little something like this:

A glass of celery juice;

A smoothie with digestive enzym goodness and protein;

A cup of medicinal cacao;

A walk to allow my thoughts to run wild;

Naked sunbathing at the Tea Tree Lake;

A nudie swim in the healing waters;

Journalling my ideas down on paper;

Home for a hot bath with lavender oil;

Comfortable track pants, a warm jumper and laying in bed;

A hug from my close friends and houseloves;

Home-made vegetable soup;

Fresh sheets and an early night.

But here is my confession… as I got to the tea tree lake, my soul was delighted to dive into the healing waters… but the scaredy cat voice in my head held me back.

“But you can’t see what’s in the depths of the lake!”

My soul responded “It will be so refreshing.”

“Ahhh ummm I’m not sure, it could have leaches in there.”

“Come on mind, I know you don’t like to get uncomfortable. But we need to do this.”

“eeeehhhhh I really think you’ll be fine if you stay on the grass.”

“Come on, I’m not going to think about this. I’m just going to jump.”

I laughed a little and thought how funny this would look if someone was watching this. This naked woman hesitating in the shallows of the lake.

“Ok.” my soul negotiated “We will jump in and swim straight back to the bank.”

I began to lift myself up out of the mind, out of the thinking, and took a deep breath. I dove in.

I immersed my head under the healing waters and refreshed my entire body.

“Haaaaaaa that feels so good!” I played in the lake for a few minutes and came back to bath in the sun.

The fresh water dripping from my hair onto my lower back felt liberating. Wild and free. I’ve always got time for this, I thought. What was i so worried about.

On the banks of the lake I made a commitment to myself. To balance both the action and the rest in my day. Both need to be a familiar feeling in my body and mind, so I can jump straight into the lake, without a battle.

I must regularly do things that challenge my mind, otherwise it will control my heart, and I will loose the ability to fill up my cup with Love.

The power in the rest, means I feel peace, I trust, and I am confident in the magic I have as a woman.

LW x