So what that you’re uncomfortable!?

Not an easy title or feeling to sit in: Uncomfortable. Most of us avoid being uncomfortable. Actually, I could confidently say that all of us avoid being uncomfortable.

We find solace in distraction and busy-ness, just so we don’t feel uncomfortable. However, it’s still going to be there if you don’t deal with it. Sitting beneath the surface of mindless pleasures and quick fixes.

Some people spend their whole lives looking for distraction just so they are not left on their own with their uncomfortable feelings.

We grab a hit of dopamine from our phones, chocolate, drugs, alcohol, one night stands, netflix, going hard at the gym or Yoga!

What we aren’t told, is that, by being able to hold ourselves in discomfort can be the best service we offer ourselves and the other. How often, as a friend or a parent, do we try and ease the discomfort of the other? Being in service for that person may be leaving them to feel their own karma. It would be a disservice to take that from them.

By being in service does not always feel like ‘Love and Light’. Being in service calls us to be honest, shed light on the truth and to be a reflection for someone else. This is not always easy or graceful. But by training ourselves to sit in the uncomfortable may just lead us to be the best parent, friend, aunty, therapist there is.

So here’s a thought, stop distracting yourself and go get bored until your uncomfortable. Then stay there for a while. When you want to leave, stay there for a little longer.

Fu*ked in the head or deep in the heart

This week in my 7 energy centres study program we explored the qualities of how green can offer us a chance to let go and find more space to connect with our hearts. We invited our hearts into the possibility of more opening, vulnerability and truth.

It seemed so fitting that this was the week I was asked to let go of a lover and trust in the flow of what’s to come.

My head battled away, needing answers and logical understanding of what the future is going to look like. But when I dropped my attention into my heart, it simply asked me to let go.

It felt so tight just underneath my skin and my heart felt a little closed, like I was holding my breath just before the letting go. I didn’t want it to look like this. I wanted our final night together to be happy and passionate so he could remember me as a beautiful goddess. (You know, like I’m in a romantic movie with mood lighting and ambient tunes). But it wasn’t like that. Instead I felt like a tender child and I needed softness and care.

The practice of bringing awareness to the moment helped me acknowledge what was truth, to stop fighting for it to look a certain way, and just allow myself to show up as I was. As undesirable as it felt for me. However, the more I accepted my truth in this moment I disarmed the power that the thoughts had over me.

Today, as I said good-bye, I still feel the letting go is unfolding. Not yet complete, but somehow I know this is the magic. This is the living. Not perfect and a constant ebb and flow.

“I express truthfully from the heart”

You too can experience more of this in my upcoming study program: The 7 Energy Centres beginning 4th June. In the previous programs I’ve run, those who attended have shared that it has not only changed the way they look at their world but changed their relationship with their loved ones and community.

This study program is something that will:

  • Deepen your morning practice/ ritual.
  • Expand your knowledge around your emotions and how to feel more empowered in feeling them.
  • Cleanse the negative bullsh*t you tell yourself.

For more details click here.

Am I even Spiritual?

I had an awesome convo with my bestie about Spirituality (as we chilled in a cafe in Bali – I know so Spiritual right!?).

What is Spirituality? What does it even mean? And am I even Spiritual?

There is an overwhelming world out there selling Spiritually and making people question if they’re getting it right. “Do I need to be fixed?”

As my bestie spoke to me about her daily practice and commitment to her healing journey, I realised that she never boasts about it (a true and humble yogi in my eyes). Her practice wouldn’t be a typical day in the life of a yogi though (there’s no #yogilyf) but what’s important when we talked, was that she was able to clear her mind and connect to her self, every day.

She said to me “I don’t Meditate.” and I replied “babe, I believe you do, more than most!”.

I’m a firm believer that Meditation can look like anything you want it too. Anything that allows you to observe the thought forms and sensations in your mind (& adding non judgment). Meditation and daily practice is you participating in something that connects you to yourSelf, whole heartedly. This might look like a walk, a surf, a dance, grooming your cat, or being without a screen for 10 minutes.

Anything that you come away from feeling clear headed, more aware of what might be bugging you, and so you can take the next most important step: action. Action to deal with the bugs in your system, and action to continue creating the good karma and love in your environment.

So, Meditation: “Doing something everyday that creates a clear mind and more awareness for you to understand what action that needs to be taken.”

Does that sound like something you could do?

I know you want to be successful and I believe these are the keys to success: Meditation and Action.

If you’re looking for a Meditation boost and inspiration, join my FB Community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/811166512557237/?ref=share

In this group I go live every Monday 7.30pm and guide a Meditation and all week we support each other’s individual-connection-journey. And it’s absolutely free!

I hope to see you there! Also lock Monday 7.30pm EST in your diary and I’ll see you on the live Meditation vid.

Lots of Love


– Erin Docherty works with heart felt women, teaching them how to generate more energy from within, so they can thrive in their career, experience more presence and intimacy in their relationships, and get more sleep so they feel vibrant and healthy. She has guided thousands of women just like you, on this energy-activating self-care journey to turn exhaustion into vitality. By using natural modalities like Yoga, Meditation and Aura-Soma® colour therapy, these women are turning fatigue and disconnection into vibrancy, intimacy and love filled sparkles.

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That busy bloody mind

During the 12 months I studied to become a yoga teacher, there was always the fear of the “injured person” that might come to your class and how the f*ck do I manage that in a class of 30 other people.

Have you ever been that injured person?!

I have.

A common injury in a Yoga class? The shoulder (usually the rotator cuff), a result of pushing your practice waaaay to hard, fatigue, and from doing the same thing (incorrectly) over and over and over again. I am trained in Power Flow yoga and have seen people with yoga injuries way too often (and experienced it myself).

After practicing power flow, I would leave a class feeling exhausted and think that the class was good. (You should never leave anything that you participate in – exhausted – if you do, you’ve gone too far or you’re doing too much). But you see, in the moment, I was searching for a hit of that strong sensation stretch… but all it was, was a distraction from my busy bloody mind. So what I did was replace my busy bloody mind with strong sensation yoga practice. And eventually, as i kept pushing through, the strong sensation turned to injury.

Oops. Now i can’t practice for a while. Or maybe I keep practicing because the pain still feels better than my busy bloody mind.


Well, after my journey of power flow, strong sensation and injury, I can say that the busy mind ain’t going to go away… no matter how much power flow you practice. There might be slight relief from the busy bloody mind but you’ll keep finding something to distract you. Maybe it’s outside of the yoga mat: the dramatic friend; or the shitty relationship; or a few bottles of wine. You’ll keep those things, because the pain or irritation of drama is better than noticing your busy bloody mind.

Eventually something happens, like a “wake up call”. If it’s not the car accident, it will be the operation, or maybe the near death experience, that makes you realise that it’s time for change.

After years and years of strong sensations to distract you from the busy bloody mind, you’re forced to sit still and deal with what you’ve been avoiding for so long.

At first, it’s so frustrating… so many thoughts, so much irritation in the body. But that’s because you’ve never noticed them, and never “let them go”.

You see, if you give the emotion a tunnel to move through, the energy can transform into something else. But if you’ve never given it the time of day, the feeling will stick inside you somewhere and annoy the shit out of you until you “wake up” and be forced to deal with it.

So where do you start to notice them and let them go?

Well, since my power flow practice has gone in the complete opposite direction, I’ve been practicing Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga can still be an intense form of practice (no, we’re not sweating) but because you sit in the pose for a few minutes and explore all the sensations and thought forms, it can feel like a pressure cooker.

Essentially, we’re unblocking the tunnels in our body for the e-motion (energy-in-motion) to move through. We also have the time to notice and process what those sensations feel like. The practice is an intense form of observing the myriad of thought forms that you have, and once you are well practiced, you start to connect what feeling or sensation you have in your body, to a particular thought form that moves across your mind. You connect the dots and you become the zen master of your body and mind!

You get to know your body and mind so well, that you no longer want to ignore that ‘busy bloody mind’ anymore. You start to see your body as an ally that provides you with good bloody advice!

Once this happens you want to spend more time with your body and mind, and you realise you have the power to choose how to feel. No longer do you waste your time with drama, or shitty relationships, or hangovers. Because now, you know exactly what you need, because now, you’re so connected to your body.

This practice, for me, has changed the way I relate to myself, what I need and how I relate with others. No-one is responsible for my happiness, or for the way I feel. If I don’t like something, I immediately know what that feels like in my body and can communicate that clearly, in that moment. Where as before I was disconnected and ignorant of what I felt (I just lived in the busy bloody mind).

In the beginning of your Yin Yoga practice, it’s a good idea to do it with a teacher, so they can guide and support you through the first stages of the pressure cooker. Eventually you’ll practice on your own and love the space you create for yourself! You’ll continue to watch the magic unfold in your life as all the tunnels you unblock, create a streamline flow of richness. The clarity and connection you have to yourself branch out and you are seamlessly connected to everything!

This is the real you.

Feels good doesn’t it?!


– Erin Docherty works with heart felt women, teaching them how to generate more energy from within, so they can thrive in their career, experience more presence and intimacy in their relationships, and get more sleep so they feel vibrant and healthy. She has guided thousands of women just like you, on this energy-activating self-care journey to turn exhaustion into vitality. By using natural modalities like Yoga, Meditation and Aura-Soma® colour therapy, these women are turning fatigue and disconnection into vibrancy, intimacy and love filled sparkles.

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How to cultivate peace in a western world

As someone who teaches Meditation and Yoga I’m always going to encourage you to adopt a regular practice. Yes, Meditation and Yoga has all the science behind it: lowering your heart rate/blood pressure, better organ function and reducing stress (etc etc) but I believe that one cannot cultivate Peace with a Meditation practice alone. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel it after a long Savasana, but once you step back out into the world you may find yourself with the same thoughts eating away at you.

My formula for Peace is a commitment to being honest with yourself.  To be in touch with your heart and a one-hundred-percent-dedication to following it.

This could mean that you stop saying those things to your boss to ‘fit in’ or ‘please them’ and start sharing your ideas and desires to create a more fulfilling life for YOU! It could mean you tell your best mate that you don’t want to go to that noisy bar you don’t like, instead of making up some bullshit excuse as to why you can’t go. It could be that you stop telling yourself to “let it go” because you truely know that your heart isn’t ready yet.

Im not saying that following your heart is pain free, but it does create Peace. Your soul sighs relief when you commit to the path of the heart as it begins to trust and know that every cell in your body is living and breathing your purpose. As this becomes a natural ‘habit’, you’ll find that you don’t have as many of those conversations because you are fully vibrating Truth, Honour and Self Commitment.

Your relationships will be better as the people around know that you’ll always say what’s best for you, which means they don’t need to wreck their brain trying to do it for you. What a relief for your friends/partner/family! By committing to yourself you’re actually doing everyone a favour.

Say it with me…

I express truthfully from my heart


Spotting whales at the Byron Bay lighthouse trail and Aura-Soma® bottle #3, The Heart Bottle

What is “real” Yoga anyway…

When I graduated from my Yoga Teacher Training, I thought that I needed to be more “Yogic” before I can teach. Many of my fellow friends and teachers agreed with this feeling of doubt or unworthiness. How can I teach if I can’t do this pose, or how can I talk about the scriptures when I don’t “live” it fully myself?

I think Mark Whitwell, a man who spreads the word of his teachers: Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar; is so powerful. What I found, is that he shares his message with such simplicity. It’s clear and direct, he absolutely believes in what he says.

I think the important piece as a teacher, a graduate, and everyone walking this planet is to strip everything back, until you feel a real connection to that ‘something true’ for you. Just share that. Don’t share anything more, you don’t actually need to. The most simple things – like breath – are so powerful, when you can deliver them with authenticity. Don’t be overwhelmed with cues, emotive guidance, and descriptions. Just talk about what it’s like to breathe.

You know that feeling when you lie on your mat and you sigh relief, like you’ve just returned home. That’s how simple and effective things can really be.

We don’t need handstands, we don’t need celibacy, we don’t need Kombucha, to share something genuine and authentic. But it must be true for you.

Get out of the funk, feel the Yoga, get outside of your usual routine, out of your usual studio and try a new place or a new country and be with your Self. Do things that you think have absolutely nothing to do with Yoga. In the end, they always are, but not in the way that you might have thought. You’re not here to try and be ‘Non-Harm’ or ‘Compassion’, because you already are that.

Don’t talk to me in Sanskrit, talk to me in a language that I understand. Listen to me, Accept me, Love me. These are the principles I live by when I teach and relate. Personally, I think they have everything to do with Yoga.


I want to share Mark’s latest post. His words inspired this blog and I hope they inspire something in you too…

“How do we measure a person’s yoga practice? What does ‘being good at yoga’ even mean?

What if it’s not how long they hold a handstand…
Or how deep their forward bend is…
Or if they can balance on one arm…
Or if they can power through 108 sun salutations without breaking a sweat…
Or how tight their ‘yoga body’ is…
Or if they can sit on their bum doing nothing for hours at a time…
Or if they can see pretty blue flashing lights above their crown….
Not even if they can manufacture bliss-states from time to time.

What if a person’s yoga practice was measured in how good a listener they become…
In a lessening of reactivity to other people’s bullshit…
In their ability to see the best in others and love it… even the most annoying people…
In their kindness…
In their capacity for sincerity…
In their naturally reduced need for stimulating pleasures that were adopted to compensate for the eclipsed pleasures of breath and being…
In their ability to say things clearly without fear of what people will think…
In their perspective on the world.

If this stuff isn’t developing naturally — not as a fake performance — then it could be that our yoga isn’t actually yoga. Awkward.

Real yoga is about clarity of mind and perception, by linking the dissociative and solipsistic brain back up with the whole body, which is already nature, the power of life.

And it does matter, not just as pedantry, because we urgently need more love and less reactivity, and more clarity and less consumerism.” – Mark Whitwell, Heart of Yoga


– Erin Docherty facilitates colour therapy sessions using Aura-Soma®, she teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @colourmyspirit.com.au / on Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga / via her website http://www.colourmyspirit.com.au



I’m gunna stop bullshitting the Universe

Many people assume my life in Byron Bay is fully lush. And I won’t lie, it’s bloody amazing! Yes, the sun shines A LOT and I’m at the beach almost every day, there’s great cafes, and amazing areas to visit. There are so many things to love about being here (but you know that already!).

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and beaches. I’ve been taking some time to heal after an end to a 6 year relationship, I’ve been working out where I fit-in in a new community, and have been searching for financial stability since arriving. My ego has been tested, my vulnerability, my relationship to my worth and money have all been … seasoned, you could say! But what has strengthened the most in all of this, is my belief in the Universe. I moved up here because I knew Melbourne was not the place for me anymore. As Elizabeth Gilbert says ‘My Body, my Heart, my Soul were saying “Not This”‘ and so I moved to Byron Bay. I had no idea what was waiting for me here, other than my beautiful friends (Lucy + Tom Tom) and the sanctuary in The Pocket, I now call home. I still don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I will tell you one thing… I know what I do want.

It became very clear, just the other day, when I was fed up with applying for jobs that were definitely not lighting my fire… “Not This”! So I decided to write a resume to the Universe. Instead of manipulating my resume to suit an ad on Seek, I wrote a resume exactly the way I wanted it to look. I added all the things that light me up and even added some things that I want to create in the future. Literally three hours later I had a phone call offering me the job of my dreams. A dream I’ve had for many years but I have been too shit scared to ask for it. I couldn’t fu*king believe it!

After a few more little moments of abundance = the Universe prodding me, I feel so inspired to share this story with you. And by sharing my resume with you I hope to inspire you to do the same, stop bullshitting the Universe and keep affirming: THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

Just for fun, why don’t you create a resume too? Take a few days to tinker away and don’t hold back on plumping yourself up and giving yourself some gold stars. Add all the things that really light you up, that make you feel good and leave out the bullshit. You’ll see my resume doesn’t have all the things that I’ve done in my career, instead it’s short and punchy. Keep it relevant, simple and clear about what you want (that’s the way the Universe likes it).

If you wanna get really brave, share your resume in the comments HERE so the Universe really knows you’re not bullshitting xx Lots o Love, Ez

CV Teacher + Facilitator

*You can get this groovy template from canva.com

– Erin Docherty facilitates colour therapy sessions using Aura-Soma®, she teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @colourmyspirit.com.au / on Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga / via her website http://www.colourmyspirit.com.au

I pledge to never tell you what to do

I needed help. I craved guidance. I needed someone to tell me what to do. Because for the first time in my life I felt what it was like to have a body. For so long I lived in my head, being in my body was so unfamiliar. I often experienced jealousy, neediness and control of my boyfriends. I hated being by myself. I needed mens attention. I drank too much.

I didn’t think I was unhappy. In fact, I don’t regret this time in my life and wouldn’t change it. I sometimes say it was the best of times and the worst. I was travelling Europe and living in Scotland. I left Australia to go “find out who I was”, without family and friends who knew me. To be able to be who I wanted to be without anyone saying “that’s not who you are Erin”. To explore myself. To let loose. And boy, did I let loose.

During those years I became obsessed with the idea of my ex boyfriend being in my life, who didn’t want me. For three years, I ruminated and imagined being with him and how we could have what we used to have. For three years. I didn’t realise what this was doing to my insides that it started to show on the outside. I developed rosacea and had terrible problems with digestion. I obsessed over an idea that I needed love from somebody else because I never knew I could give it to myself.

The very first time I experienced giving myself love was on a 7-day retreat in Italy, “Amar Si” (To Love Ourselves) where Caterina guided us to massage ourselves. Our legs, torso, shoulders, face. I cracked and tears rolled down my face. I tried to hide them. I guess I didn’t know what had just happened. Days later on retreat, I cracked again, and this time uncontrollable sobbing that didn’t stop. The final piece that saw me change the way I lived my life.

I returned back home to Australia and went to see my very good friend, mentor and teacher. At the time, she was ‘just’ the grandmother of my very first boyfriend. But I felt very drawn to go see her. She started me on the journey with Aura-Soma® when she bought me into her healing room and I chose colours that spoke to me at that time. I left with an Equilibrium bottle to rub on my body and the quintessence, Lady Nada. My consultation was themed around Self Acceptance and Unconditional Love. Knowing a little bit of my story so far – it’s quite relevant isn’t it?

From this point I started on a self care journey, not only using Aura-Soma® but also using Meditation and Yoga. Self development tools that help me stay connected to my inner guide. My wisdom. My knowing.

I still experience curve balls that test how well I listen to myself. At times I feel stuck, lost, or out of my depth. At times I feel hurt, judged, or doubt my ability. But deep down I know that I have the answer that guides me back to myself. The way back to my essence. My peace. Magnificent!

And so with this experience and using these tools on a daily basis, I know how important it is to never tell anyone the answer to their experience. Because in reality, I do not know, only they do. I pledge to only help people develop their skill in listening to their wisdom, their knowing, themselves, with more clarity and ease.

As you know, the more you look outside of yourself the more lost you can feel. And really who wants to be told what to do?!

If it is that you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty (about anything; relationships, your career, your worth), I invite you to come and choose the colours that speak to you the most. And together lets find out what that means for you. What answers will you receive from these colours? Find out more here.

– Erin Docherty hosts Full Moon and New Moon Rituals every month in Byron Bay, she teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @lightwitch_ / on Facebook @ErinDochertylightwitch / via her website http://www.lightwitch.com.au

It’s simple really (and a little crazy)

Are you ready to let go of the way you currently think?

Society encourages you to stay ‘normal’ to be apart of a confined way of living. To push, to want more, to be stressed, there’s no way out, there’s no way you can change, fear your neighbour, reject your friends, be jealous of your lover, this is all you have.

When you’re ready to let go, you may first think you’re a little crazy. Remember you used to look at those free, loving hippies and think they were crazy too. So it’s ‘normal’ to think you’re a little crazy when you first break free from the way you used to think. Break free from the pointed finger.

Deep Ocean

But only those who are truely free, truely self accepting, truely alive will see things that haven’t been seen before. So you, of course seem a little ‘crazy’. But all it is, is you – innovator – creator – accessing a royal blue ocean of deep deep conscious connection to infinite possibility.

It’s simple really. It’s truth. Not for me, not for anyone else. But for you. Your truth. Your way.


– Erin Docherty teaches Yoga, Meditation and positive ways to think and see. Her Retreats, Workshops and Private Colour Sessions are truely a soulful experience, with a lot of magic in between. Stay in touch with her on Instagram @colourmyspirit / on Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga / via her website http://www.colourmyspirit.com.au

The Ultimate Commitment to Self Love

I recently wrote a blog for YogiSpirit.com.au where I share my insights and experience of self love and meditation.

“After listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, I found out that we use the conscious mind about five percent of the day, at best.  Meaning most of our time, we are running on autopilot.

This leaves so much room for acting out the same subconscious patterns, over and over again, without even knowing it. And we wonder why ‘he said this’ or ‘why does it always happen to me?’ We are living 95% of the time out of our bodies.

We want to bring more consciousness into our lives. We want more presence in our day. We want mindful living.” Read More Here —>