The Ultimate Commitment to Self Love

I recently wrote a blog for YogiSpirit.com.au where I share my insights and experience of self love and meditation.

“After listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, I found out that we use the conscious mind about five percent of the day, at best.  Meaning most of our time, we are running on autopilot.

This leaves so much room for acting out the same subconscious patterns, over and over again, without even knowing it. And we wonder why ‘he said this’ or ‘why does it always happen to me?’ We are living 95% of the time out of our bodies.

We want to bring more consciousness into our lives. We want more presence in our day. We want mindful living.” Read More Here —>

Compass: What direction are you moving in?

I’m a feeler. Some people use their instincts and some their logic.

I feel.

Over time I’ve navigated what it felt like to trust myself. I’ve always wanted to work it out myself, which means lots of ‘mistakes’ ‘failings’ ‘yuk feelings’. It only taught me what way not to head, it didn’t mean I had failed as a person. These times meant I got used to the feeling of not being in a job that I enjoyed, in a relationship that was mediocre, even in the simple things I would do daily, like overeat!

Being highly critical of myself I would mentally punish myself for being in the ‘wrong’ place or ‘wrong’ job or doing the ‘wrong’ thing, when actually I was strengthening my compass. What way I wanted to head (and it wasn’t that way!).

I can look back now and see that through experience (and growing older) is such a blessing. It feels easier now, that’s for sure.

My move to Byron Bay is confirming everything that I’ve been asking for in my life: Balance. Self love. Truth.

Experiences still challenge me, and I have definitely been challenged in this process of leaving my family, friends and community. But I refer to my compass and check in with where I want to head, and I ask myself “Is this choice taking me there?”


“You are a bright star! Trust in the wisdom within and you will feel a wonderful support and confirmation of your soul. It moves through you and you can only be your Self.” -Erin Docherty

The joy in rising early

Last month I recognised I needed to improve my diet and I began to chat to my friends about “How to deepen my devotion in Meditation?”.

The Universe got behind me 100%. As I listened and went with the flow I picked up “The Perfect Day Plan” by Jost Sauer. He talks about how to honour the time of the day that align with your organs. Every two hours the Universal energy moves to another organ in your body. In the AM we are in Yang time, and PM we are in YIN time.

One big take away that I implemented straight away was getting up as close to 5am as possible. Right now, I’m at 6am and will soon be ready to take that to 5.30am and then eventually 5am.

This has changed my life. Really. I used to be the worst morning person. I got angry when the light was turned on, when there was noise in the kitchen, when I was disturbed from sleep. I would easily sleep in until 9am or later and find it really hard to get up, even feel foggy headed. Now I understand why. I was getting up in the time when my body naturally wanted to GO GO GO (this is Spleen time between 9-11am) but because I was only waking up, I was still so slow and fighting against my natural body clock.

Now that I’m getting up in ‘letting go and start fresh’ time (Large Intestine time between 5-7am), I have time to cook myself a warm hearty breakfast that stokes my fire and gives me the energy to move through to lunch (no morning tea & biscuits for me!). It gives me more time to move slowly (Meditate!) and feel happy about throwing on a cuddly jumper and have a cuppa with my man before work. Even on my day off I’m still getting up early!

My whole mindset has changed and when you read the book, Sauer shares with you knowledge that makes you want to do this for your body — this sacred temple that you live in — and there’s only one shot — no 9 lives in this human body.

I even have time to read in the morning. There is literally nothing that I’m missing out on doing, nothing that I’m giving up to make this change. In fact I’m only gaining. And when I’m tired by 9pm-ish, I go to bed. People would often tell Sauer that they don’t want to get up early because they love their sleep. He says “If this is the case, go to bed earlier…”!

I naturally feel more devoted in showing up for myself. Showing up for Meditation every morning and offering myself the best start to my day. I literally feel so grateful every day that I have an opportunity to get MORE shit done AND even relax and unwind in the right times.

I feel more organised and more committed in being kind to myself. I feel stronger in saying “No” (with Love) when it will deplete my energy and take away from putting it into the things I absolutely love.

Over the last 7 years, my Meditation practice has enabled me to listen more carefully to the subtle communication that my body makes (the quiet voice within). When I’m feeling the push for change or when anger rises up, I know there is something out of alignment that needs my attention. Then I keep listening and I stay relaxed but alert, ready to acknowledge where the flow takes me.

“You don’t need to practice daily but when the shit hits the fan, you wish you had.”

I’m allowed to be imperfect and I know I’m not for everyone. So I no longer try to be. Instead I devote myself to the energy that moves through me, knowing that it is far beyond my lower mind function and so I trust. Trust more fully in what moves through all of us.

You too can experience more of this in my upcoming Colour + Meditation Course beginning in May. In the previous course I’ve run, those who attended have shared that it has not only changed the way they look at their world but changed their relationship with their family and community.

This course is something that will:
>Deepen your morning practice/ ritual.
>Expand your knowledge around your emotions and how to feel more empowered in feeling them.
>Cleanse the negative bullsh*t you tell yourself.

For more details click here.

Namaste beautiful people x e

Planting karmic seeds

In my teenage years I would make stupid choices and then ask for someone to help me out of it (usually it would always be my big sisters. Thank God for them!). I was living so unconsciously for many years doing this over and over again.

Today, I shared with everyone in a Yoga class that they are the creators of their own world. Everything they have and is happening is because they chose it. The choices that were made in the past have now manifested into what is right now.

Only moments after speaking these words I was walking home in the pouring rain, annoyed and playing the victim. Why couldn’t he just pick me up, why didn’t I just get an uber, etc, etc. But then the words I had shared just moments before permeated through me. I knew in that moment, I could change my attitude. I could be angry and wet or I could dance in the rain!

The ego has a tight hold of our actions at that point. It luurrrves drama. So being angry, pissed off, stubborn is the ego’s playground! But what can we do in that instant that will change the energy of the moment?

Firstly, a smile can change everything. Laugh at the game it’s trying to play with you. You see, it’s a battle of the mind (The ancient Yogic text: Bhagavad Gita will teach you all about it). Your ego will try to pull you deeper into the drama but your ‘Self’ couldn’t care for it.

Meditation will teach you how to create space between the thought you are having and your true ‘Self’. It’s a practice, and Meditation can be challenging but very rewarding. When you come up against a challenge and you respond to it very differently than you normally would – this is when you know it’s working.

So when you are presented with something uncomfortable take it as an opportunity for conscious change. Spend a moment observing how you would normally react and decide if there is a more peaceful way to respond.

When it is a battle of your mind and heart, you must practice the art of deep listening/ Meditation. Cure your suffering and plant seeds (actions) that will grow into a fruitful and loving environment (karma).

Energy follows thought. So what are you thinking? Thoughts become your seeds, so plant wisely as it all comes back around.


Stars can’t shine without darkness

The dark times: where you spiral downward and you can’t seem to pick yourself up, even though you know you can be a better person. Yeah, that happens. In my recent case of ‘The spiral into darkness’ it has actually been my best gift.

For the last few weeks (or maybe it’s been months!) I’ve been quite flat. Mostly to do with how I think I am seen in the world (‘I think’ is important here as it is the cause of suffering, Eckhart Tolle will tell you). Anyway, I wasn’t feeling genuine when I would post something on social media, thinking “surely people don’t want to hear or see this”. I was keeping myself small when teaching, thinking “do they really want to listen to my ramblings”.

This came in waves and it built momentum as I continued to compare myself to others. I thought I needed to be doing what they were doing in order to be seen, heard, acknowledged.

The world of social media became my focus and this is where the spiral of darkness became very deep. I became very lost, I didn’t know what was my mine anymore. The path I was skipping down became blocked by trees, shrubs and all kinds of fancy images. No amount of support or kind words I received would pick me up, although I was grateful for it. I needed to find the wisdom, the knowing, for myself.

Thank goodness for the Universe and it’s plan for us because I eventually got sick. On my most favourite day of the year – Christmas Day and the following day my partner left for a holiday. So there I was house bound, sitting with my Self and I. I got what I had asked for really, time to figure it out by myself. And over those next few days I realised how reliant I had become on complaining to my partner. I had no-one immediately to talk to about all my ‘shitty thoughts’ and how tough it was (insert the violins!).

This forced me into reflection and contemplation. What was it that I was ready to change, ready to let go of. I knew one thing for sure and it was time to quit indulging in these thought forms. I took Facebook off my phone to help. I felt ready to do this. The feeling that I had was so strong. I was feeling strong now to peel myself away from the distractions.

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

Out of this darkness I saw what was keeping me there: Comparison. I could see quite clearly how this was damaging, even disrespecting my spirit so when I turned around to see the light, I knew that I had to trust myself. Trust the star at the centre of my being, where all wisdom resides and can be heard, shared and felt.

I saw my message very clearly, who I am for and why I share what I do. I understand that I am not for everyone and my message is there for those who need it. Those who don’t, will find another teacher.

I feel the sphere of perfect protection surrounded me again and the sensitivity of what I felt before has left. I see the positive again, and if the negative is there (which I’m sure it is), I don’t see or feel it. Those who judge can judge, but I don’t see or feel it. I refuse to indulge in it. I cut the cord of negative thought forms from myself and others. I feel a strength to concentrate on what I do want and the loving people I surround myself with. I will not let fear get in the way when I say ‘No’ or change things. I let go of Miss Goody Two Shoes. I now step up and live in my truth, the power of ME!

I focus my attention on genuine and real connections with people. I vow to see more people in the real, not behind a screen. Connect, Collaborate and Share. Get out in to the world and experience it. That’s where I shine, that’s what I love to do and where I feel most alive.

From the darkness, I found my light once again. It is in the ebb and flow of life that keep us real, that help us grow. As you accept the Dark/Yin as much as the Light/Yang you will find more flow. May we grow with grace and Love.

Happy New Year x e

A D D E D  I N S P I R A T I O N:

Video: This is exactly what’s wrong with this generation

Article: 10 Mantras that will get you immense peace of mind, spirit and energy


A hopeful and joyous colour. Olive lies between the heart and the solar plexus. It’s the bridge – the olive branch with an offering of peace to align our lower chakras with our higher chakras. Combining the attributes from the heart (feeling) and Yellow from the solar plexus (knowledge), we come to Olive.


When you create and hold space for yourself (Green) and trust the power of your qualities and knowledge (Yellow), you find a new hope of what is there for you (we come to the Olive!).

A powerful combination for letting go of bitterness of the past as we get in touch with a feminine quality and trust from the heart. Using the wisdom within, you see your future with optimism from what is born from the past.

We can use the Olive energy to let go of more than just our past in this lifetime but also our ancestral and collective past. No more holding on to what has been, now we see our future with lightness and hope. A new found joy, a sweetness of Spirit. O let us Live!

Pom Olive

Using this fresh, herbal and woodsy Olive Pomander can assist in letting go of any bitterness, anger and frustration. Moving into a space of trust and happiness.

The Olive Pomander includes the essential oils: Bergamot, Pine, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Lavender and crystal energies: Emerald, Chrysoprase.


Twisted by Nature

I just arrived back from a 10 day holiday in Tasmania and it blew me away! It is a gorgeous place… very slow and surrounded by mountains and greenery. We stayed at secluded accommodation, some with a fire place (top of my holiday wish list) and one even had a spa bath! There were so many highlights for me but this one day, hiking in between the mountains of Wineglass Bay, stood out completely….

Wednesday 29th June 2016 “We stopped just before Seaford, at a lonely beach. I felt the ocean wind breathe freshness into my tired skin. I felt so tired, even after a long nights sleep. I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of the waves washing into shore. Their soothing and un-ryhthmic pace forced me to let go of guessing when the next one would rock in to shore. There were so many sea shells just piled up and their shapes amazed me. How do they get those grooves on their back?

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Facing your shadow

How was the full moon on Monday night!? So many people experienced powerful or dramatic moments around this time. The weblink that I shared on Facebook said that this full moon would shine light on all our shadows, so it was a confronting time for many.

The subject of ‘shadow’ has been coming up for me recently and I have come to a new way of looking at it. Especially as Yoga Teacher, we learn the philosophy of enlightenment or Samadhi, and you might have heard people signing off with “Love and Light”. Which is lovely. But what about our “Dark”. Universal law shows us that there is a positive (+) and a negative (-) to everything – what goes up must come down. There’s a light and dark, a Yin and Yang, a happy and sad, an up and down.

Look around at nature and you’ll see the layers of light and dark. One cannot exist without the other.

After my Yin training and the Orgasmic Hearts series I recently completed, I was required to be vulnerable and honest with myself, consistently and a lot! I had an emotional release/cry/outburst which at the time was a little scary because I was vulnerable and saying things I don’t say out loud. But the next day I felt so much lighter!

All I needed was a safe space and someone to listen (and not interrupt or even reply).

I could tell loved ones around me just wanted to take the pain away “I don’t know what to say”, “Stay strong” or “Don’t cry” and as they said it I felt disempowered. I felt like saying “I don’t want you to say anything”. And “I feel like crying”. And “I am strong that is why I am crying”. Continue reading “Facing your shadow”

Call in the sunshine

As we move towards the winter months, it is physiology, that we are likely to feel the effects of ‘shutting down’ in these months, as if preparing for a hibernation stage. The pineal gland (in the brain) responds to darkness by regulating the control of melatonin, supporting our sleep/wake cycle. In these months of darker periods, people may even experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); the winter blues.

So how can you continue being the best version of yourself and keep that sparkle you feel in the summer time?

Call in YELLOW!

When I took a recent Colour Workshop, I asked people to think of things they relate to yellow … go ahead – what do you think of? …

The most common answer is the Sun or Sunshine.

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Accept where you are right now

Many people that meet with the Aura-Soma Colour Care System are looking for clarity on why they are here. What is their purpose. It is through their selection of colour that they begin to find their answers.

When you sit with the Aura-Soma bottles, there is a wonderful moment of peace and stillness. A beautiful time for you to reconnect to who you are right now. Some might even say they experience a moment of magic.

Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal, for the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever…. -Alan Watts

For some people, an Aura-Soma session is the only time they find some stillness, as all too often we are aggressively chasing our goals, and make no time to stop and enjoy the roses, the experience, the moment (which is the only place where life exists).

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