Meditation: What’s your style?

What are your first thoughts about Meditating? Something like this, right?

Thoughts in savasana

We tend to feel overwhelmed before we even start to practice Meditation and when we give it a go we often curse our thoughts for being there. But here’s the thing, our thoughts are always going to be there and quite frankly we should’t want them to stop.

“It’s the heart that knows the path. The mind is just there to organise the steps.” -Jeff Brown

What we need to do instead is visualise those thoughts like sweet birds, or autumn leaves rustling on the tree. Does it bother you when the leaves are making noise? Or the gurgle of the Magpies? Just like those sounds, hear your thoughts like you hear those leaves. Our thoughts are there but we don’t mind.

The less we attach ourselves to what those thoughts are, the more we can focus on one point: our breath. The longer we focus on this natural rhythm of the body we can move into a deeper state of Meditation.

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Be the expert of your own heart

THE BEGGINING was August 2009, after a transforming retreat in Italy. This was my first experience of actually feeling my body. Every day we enjoyed energy and warmth from the morning sun, followed by a walking meditation. We played music and learnt how to massage ourselves, which instantly brought me to tears. What a simple way to bring pleasure and love to oneself. Many blockages that I had created in my body for the previous 24 years had started to dissolve (what felt like magically explode!). And since then I have been peeling back the layers of those sleeping years, healing damage to my energetic make up and creating new thought patterns that support a more positive existence. My 89 year old mentor always says “you’re blessed to have awoken at such a young age.”

THE TIME AFTER 2009 has been progressive and far from perfect. It’s almost like being born again. Learning new ways of being, you need to make mistakes before you can master something. Usually you get sick when you are letting go of blocked energy (if you imagine it looks like invisible black muck). At the same time you can easily fall back into old patterns from your sleepy life that you knew so monotonously.

I FOUND SUPPORT in many different forms. I read books like Choosing Happiness by Stephanie Dowrick, I studied and used Aura-Soma, I joined a meditation group, which lead to Abraham-Hicks ‘Getting into the Vortex’ mediations & Louise Hay affirmations. I found wonderful support practitioners like Ami of Healing Delight and Nicole my Kinesiologist.

In these years of progression I found that different relationships tested me, I was presented with many cross roads: new job, travel plans, moving house, etc. and there’s always one thing that I could truely rely on: the expertise of my own heart.

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It’s all lies

I have to confess… I had a few too many wines on Saturday night which resulted in me leaving a workshop early on Sunday! Very unlike me (or is it?)

I woke up on Sunday, as you can imagine, foggy headed and pleading for more sleep. But I dragged myself out of bed and got to this workshop. Not just any workshop mind you… it was to hear Caroline Myss – a medical intuitive and energetic master of her time. I read her book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ back in 2013 and really connected with how our thoughts, feelings and emotions can have an effect on our health.

As I sat there on Sunday morning waiting for Caroline to come out and grace us with her presence, many things were going through my head. Story’s, Illusions (mostly about myself) and put quite clearly by Caroline Myss – all lies.

It wasn’t long after Caroline came on stage that she gave us a large mouthful of hard truths. “A spiritual ass kicking” as Erin Kyna puts it so well. I had a good look at myself and left after only two hours! I wanted to go for some food and spend the day on the couch with my love. (At least I was honest about it!)

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We are turning “Illuminati”

An Important message was communicated with Aura-Soma practitioners and teachers today. A shift is taking place in the universe… yes, I know, we hear this all the time with a recent eclipse, blood moon and the retrograde but it’s all relevant… and this one … this one will change our DNA! It’s pretty exciting, if you ask me.

More light is reaching the Earth Plane. We are in the process of evolving, it’s science not bullshit, it’s a biological quantum leap! There is an activation that is stimulating our light bodies and we will become homo luminous, no longer homo sapiens!

That made me think ‘Illuminati’ so I googled it: ‘The Illuminati, plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”‘ and then goes on with the concept of the several secret society groups. I’m not sure why they have to be secret if they are enlightened, but anyway.

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Why I use an Aura-Soma Pomander every day

Aura-Soma Pomanders are essentially protective – cleansing, refreshing and strengthening to the energy field. The auric body, like the physical, can become depleted from the stresses of everyday life and in my job, my energy levels need to be strong.

I’m constantly sharing my energy with others, thinking about my business, planning my schedule for tomorrow, squeezing in a Yoga practice, cleaning the house, catching up with family/friends.

Sound familiar? Yes, we all give out a lot of energy, and that’s ok as long as we are receiving it in equal exchange by tapping into the infinite source within (& above), but most of us aren’t. This results in depleting energy levels and weakening the auric field around the physical body. Leaving us susceptible to illness and dis-ease in the body.

That is why I always keep a Pomander or two with me in my bag. With regular use of a Pomander through our energetic field it can re-energise and maintain the integrity of the light filaments of the aura, strengthening areas of vulnerability as well as protecting against potentially harmful energies from external circumstances or events.


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The Shadow Side | Blood Moon Effect

We are currently experiencing the power of a blood moon eclipse. Although, here in Oz, we won’t be able to SEE it, we can certainly FEEL it. It’s time now to stop tolerating the things that are slowing us down. It’s now time to LET GO.


The shadow side is being brought up to the surface so you can easily identify what that is that you need to let go of. Don’t blame anyone else for how you are feeling right now, take a little look inside and face the shadow.

Every exhale, a letting go.

(Check out my Chakra Cleanse Meditation, happening next Monday for a complete clearing of your energetic field)

So I did it! I tried Nude Yoga

I’m a person who likes to take myself out of my comfort zone. I know that’s where the growth comes, so I will always sign up. I’ve pushed the envelope ever since I was a kid. So at 31, I’m used to it. When I first heard about Nude Yoga I thought even cobra (Bhujangasana) would be uncomfortable, let alone downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) for my, ahem, let’s say, perineum. Then an opportunity arose with Fit Gangster, a fitness community who review the latest in studios. So I just went for it. What’s the worst that could happen? Who cares if I get embarrassed? I’ve been to circles and 5rythym dances before, so I know spaces like this are always shared with like-minded people and I would feel comfortable.

I was not nervous, just psyched for the event. I started following @rosie.rees on Instagram and could see how genuine she is and felt immediately at home when I turned up on the night.

I brought with me a towel for my mat, a kimono to start class and a very open mind. Of course I made sure I did a ‘tidy up’ and shaved the legs and pits. I wanted to be completely bare, raw and vulnerable – no make up, no clothes, just me. I want to see how close I can come to being myself in all situations.

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The beginning of my Aura-Soma journey …

I became curious about energy back in 2009, and as it happens, was introduced to the Aura-Soma bottles and products by Shirleyrose Rowe soon after. I attended a consultation at a Level 1 training weekend which ‘Shirl’ was teaching and from there Aura-Soma has been ever present.

shirleyrose and i

I went on to study Level 1 Aura-Soma and completed Level 2 the following year. I then journeyed to Cairns to engross myself in the learning’s of Level 3 and PPS with Vicki Engeham, and 13 other beautiful soul sisters. I knew Aura-Soma would be a part of my life forever but wasn’t sure how exactly to share it with the world. The consultations seemed too daunting and investing in the entire set of bottles was too expensive at the time. And so, I settled for the Chakra Set and my job in fashion and dreamed of creating a life I really wanted to live.

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