So I did it! I tried Nude Yoga

I’m a person who likes to take myself out of my comfort zone. I know that’s where the growth comes, so I will always sign up. I’ve pushed the envelope ever since I was a kid. So at 31, I’m used to it. When I first heard about Nude Yoga I thought even cobra (Bhujangasana) would be uncomfortable, let alone downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) for my, ahem, let’s say, perineum. Then an opportunity arose with Fit Gangster, a fitness community who review the latest in studios. So I just went for it. What’s the worst that could happen? Who cares if I get embarrassed? I’ve been to circles and 5rythym dances before, so I know spaces like this are always shared with like-minded people and I would feel comfortable.

I was not nervous, just psyched for the event. I started following @rosie.rees on Instagram and could see how genuine she is and felt immediately at home when I turned up on the night.

I brought with me a towel for my mat, a kimono to start class and a very open mind. Of course I made sure I did a ‘tidy up’ and shaved the legs and pits. I wanted to be completely bare, raw and vulnerable – no make up, no clothes, just me. I want to see how close I can come to being myself in all situations.

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The beginning of my Aura-Soma journey …

I became curious about energy back in 2009, and as it happens, was introduced to the Aura-Soma bottles and products by Shirleyrose Rowe soon after. I attended a consultation at a Level 1 training weekend which ‘Shirl’ was teaching and from there Aura-Soma has been ever present.

shirleyrose and i

I went on to study Level 1 Aura-Soma and completed Level 2 the following year. I then journeyed to Cairns to engross myself in the learning’s of Level 3 and PPS with Vicki Engeham, and 13 other beautiful soul sisters. I knew Aura-Soma would be a part of my life forever but wasn’t sure how exactly to share it with the world. The consultations seemed too daunting and investing in the entire set of bottles was too expensive at the time. And so, I settled for the Chakra Set and my job in fashion and dreamed of creating a life I really wanted to live.

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