About Light Witch

Light Witch is a magical and creative experience that opens and nurtures our minds and hearts.

Light Witch is about passionately educating and leading women on journeys that cleanse their minds, expand their awareness and bring them back to feel incredibly calm and connected.

Each experience with your Light Witch indulges all of your senses with crystal therapy, sound healing, energetic aura cleanse, guided meditation, light body activation, clarity journaling, oracle guidance and rituals.

What is light?

We are all made up of light (energy) — vibrating atoms. It is an invisible force that connects us to everything and everyone around us. Energy is something that you can’t see, but you can feel it. When you understand how to raise your light or energy vibration (just like tuning into your favourite radio station) you effortlessly manifest all that aligns with that.

If you are managing stress, exhaustion, or anxiety you block the stream of this high vibration. This makes it very difficult to feel calm or the love in your heart, and so you begin your search outside of yourself for happiness.

In order to be your relaxed and empowered self, you must activate the love within your heart.

John Lennon once said “we need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create.”

Why a witch?

To me a witch understands her power and uses it wisely. Her words cast a spell. Her thoughts cast a spell. Her actions cast a spell.

Every spell will manifest, so be wise my pretty, for we all have this power.

Erin Rose, Light Witch

Discovering my light

I was born into a triangle of witches. I practice the craft of energy, or light work, while my my sisters practice western and natural medicine.

I first discovered my light after I was ‘cracked open’ at a retreat in Italy in 2009. Not understanding why I was uncontrollably crying after a self massage class, I came home to Australia to ask my 83 year old mentor, Shirleyrose Rowe. I sat with my mentor for years (and still do to this day) learning about meditation, reiki, ascended masters, colour therapy and our energy body.

Eventually I realised, over the years of my adolescence and early twenties, that I never gave myself the attention, respect or love that I spent so much effort looking outside of myself for. Seeking validation and approval from others felt normal to me back then, and the journey to unravel this habit has taken years of mindful practice and healing.

The lessons came rolling in over this time, as I went from working in fast fashion to full time yoga teaching. Through major relationship break down and burn out, to letting go of my busy teaching career and moving interstate to reinvent myself in the hills of Byron Bay.

Emotions and the magic of our mind

I specialise in the magic of our mind and its connection to our emotions. Why do they occur? How they inform us? How to accept them without ‘good or bad’ judgement? The practice of self acceptance and non-attachment.

I’ve spent the last ten years coaching thousands of people and healing with colour therapy and teaching yoga and meditation. I want others to feel more centred and peaceful after meeting with me. And if you dare to go on a journey with me, you may even call yourself a witch!

The calming rituals I have created are designed to open your mind and attract magic into your every day. These special moments offer you the ability to feel more calm, powerful and comfortable in your own skin. Amplify your Love and manifest all that you desire. Do you believe in magic?


Aura-Soma® Academy: Level III Colour Therapy and Subtle Anatomy, 2010-2014

Somatic stress release: Level I with Dr Scott Lyons, 2020

Moksha Academy of Yoga: 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training, 2013-14

Embodied Ecstasy and Erotic Mystery with Michaela Boehm, 2018