Mind Changing Magic

We are making every woman feel relaxed, powerful and comfortable in her skin. We remind her that she doesn’t need to search for Love outside of herself, because she holds the most powerful currency on the planet: Love.


Feminine Ritual + Ceremony

Organise an extraordinary Byron Bay experience for your group that will delight and surprise them! Unplug, refresh and create a deep connection with those who are most dear to you.

Full Moon + New Moon Events

Use these potent times of the lunar month to burn what you no longer need, and create breathing space for the things that really matter to you.

You are so talented and gifted, and we want to support you in feeling more open and relaxed.

For it is in this state; when you raise your vibration and are aligned with Love, that you can positively impact our planet and change the direction of our human race.

Light Witch

Activate Love

Magic! You’re on the list.